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  1. Hi Bharat, please make a video on best universities for Finance, Marketing, logistics or scm type courses, which are mostly for non engineer as I did my research and found most universities offer economics course, (msc in economics), now that makes me think that there would be a little saturation of economists as also marketers, logistics people can still help in scaling up the business/company, finance, economics type of jobs would be limited because a company or an office need not have too many of them just one or two are more than enough, so my analysis is marketing type of jobs for example digital marketing, international campaign building or product management should be something and would like to know about it, thanks.

  2. My son has done bachelors in mechanical engineering completed in 2019 plus 2 years of work experience. now he got job in German company in India.
    What's the prospect for him , he plan to do masters. He is gold medalist.
    I told him instead of going to Canada go to Germany.
    Please advice. Expenses, study, job, part time job, salary. ( I have forwarded many of your video to him)
    Thank you sir.

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Win iPhone 14 100% Free 🤩🤩

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