8 Famous Celebrities Wesley Snipes had MESSY AFFAIRS With

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8 Famous Celebrities Wesley Snipes had MESSY AFFAIRS With✋DON’T FORGET TO;👇

Wesley Snipes is one of the biggest movie stars that America has. He has featured in award winning movies such as Passenger 57, Blade, drop zone, wildcats and recently he has starred in coming to America. He has had a successful career in acting which has earned him a huge net worth and a name in Holly wood. Being a celebrity, his personal and dating life is always a subject of interest to the general public. It is reported that Wesley Snipes is one of the actors that have had a successful dating life. In this video we feature the different women that Wesley Snipes has dated.

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  2. wow u dnt knw shit. Wesley kicked berry ass. That's how she lost her feelings. She wasnt famous when they dated. She had only played in slave movies later. nobody noticed berry till boomerang. Which Givens was the star of after reunited with her first prey before tyson, eddie murphy. dont sugar coat it.

  3. So if your a Successful Black Man in America that's when you can have any Woman you want I get now this World is Cruel #SYSBM. PS JLo Lied then when she said she never Dated Wesley??? Because She said During Money Train she did not like the so called love Scene with him and Felt Uncomfortable?!🙄🤔😒okay. Well I Thought JLO never liked Brothas I guess Since she wants A-Rod interesting Wesley is good actor I like he's Stable with the One who Held him down MS Nikki Park!

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