AOC: TOTAL Sellout… Or Playing 3D CHESS?! Brie, Batya, & Nathan Robinson Debate

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AOC: TOTAL Sellout… Or Playing 3D CHESS?! Brie, Batya, & Nathan Robinson DebateEditor-in-Chief of Current Affairs Nathan Robinson weighs in on the evolution of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) throughout her time in office. #AOC #TheSquad #woke

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  1. "ineffective legislator" is a common Dem Party smear on progressives who are introducing bills the American people desperately need but the Party actively opposes and conspires to prevent from passing or even getting a vote. "effective legislators" are Democrats who introduce legislation that the 1% and the military industrial complex want passed. (Nancy Pelosi successfully prevented Medicare For All from ever getting a vote for 15 consecutive years. Then she calls its sponsors "unable to get legislation passed"

  2. Bjg on tuckers texts (about disagreeing with fraud claims) leaked from a case he was not named in before the defense can even mount a response -"this should damage his journalistic integrity forever!"

    Bjg on reporter Nathan defending AOC believing east Palestine was a tragedy but refusing to fight it's causes for potential political gain – "yea sure, im fine with this as long as it's my team that gets away with it!"


  3. If the moves she is making is being compared to chess then the moves she has been making recently are akin to giving away one's queen in the 1st 3 moves. A fail in these times as Donald Trump has PROVEN that strong personalities with or without good ideas can pull off victories. She has pretty much doomed her viability for advancement in my opinion.

  4. 3-D chess?!?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. This is just pathetic at this point. It's like Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown, over and over and over and over again. Her voting record is perfect example of abiding by what Mama Bear says.

  5. I really wish people would stop treating politicians as celebrities. People need to stop being fanboys and fangirls over AOC and other members of the squad. From day one she started going against what she ran on, starting with voting for Pelosi as house speaker. Day one…

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