Biography of Atiku Abubakar, Net Worth, Family, Businesses
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Biography of Atiku Abubakar, Net Worth, Family, Businesses

Biography of Atiku Abubakar, Net Worth, Family, BusinessesAtiku is a former Vice-President of Nigeria and former People’s Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate, whose father didn’t want to get Western Education, his father later allowed him after he was jailed, watch his bio

Atiku Abubakar,Biography of Atiku Abubakar,former nigerian vice president,Atiku’s net worth

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  1. Most of his interview he refers to his regime with Obasanjo. What role did he play in that regime – he embezzled a lot of money till the Americans reported him to Obasanjo. This man has NO plan for Nigeria. He's as bad as Buhari. Don't we have smart and visionary people in the country. Why should we be ruled by people of questionable character – someone indicted by America. If either himself or Buhari wins, our suffering and misery continues – it's that simple. Wake up Nigerians!

  2. People keep calling him thief and yet they can't point out one thing he stole, just dancing to the tune of Baba Iyabo. I can't call him a thief without any concrete evedence. and moreover, I learnt he was the one who challenged Obasanjo when he wasnted to run for 3rd term. perhaps that could be the reason of the disagreement between him and obasanjo.
    and moreover, you don't judge him because he was not the president,
    how can you blame Osinbajo for the short coming of Buhari?
    despite the fact that he has not become a president for a day, still he employed over 50,000 Nigeria in his company. how many politician has done that if not to hide the money of the country to another country.

    Please let stop basing our judgement on them say them say. afterall, Obasanjo Atiku reduces the debt of the country and things were easy in their time.

  3. Atiku is still a much better presidential material than Buhari who is entirely clueless and surrounded by bigger thieves.And the good thing is that Atiku is not a religious extremist, neither is he given to tribalism or terrorism. He is not likely to spend more than half of his term in office living in hospitals in London at tax-payers expense. The entire world is keenly watching Nigeria and we better get this next election right by voting out these savage and criminal tyrants or some parts of the country will pull out and stay out of any further madness that will surely follow a consecutive Buhari "presidency". Enough said.

  4. Atiku has nothing to show! Most of his investments are abroad, while the very few back here in Nigeria are a selfish capitalist investments! How can you tell us that the american university aims to aid Nigerian masses? It's even cheaper to study in countries like Malaysia than that capitalist aun. Adama beverages has little or no value to the masses! What then is this man to the masses?!

  5. The VP, Professor , explained in his letter to premium times, this administration's view on restructuring and what they have accomplished. Fiscal restructuring, good governance and economic growth for the populace and nation is what Nigeria needs, not geographical restructuring. such letter should be distributed to Nigerians and include detailed achievements of this administration, for Nigerians to understand.
    Professor, the VP explained the accomplishments of this administration, Nigerians should ask Mr. Atiku to explain exactly what he wants to restructure and how he would make the economy better and lives easier.
    Professor explained the achievements of this administration, Mr Atiku should explain his, as former VP.

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