Bollywood Celebrities Who Publicly Insulted Their Ex Lovers

Bollywood Celebrities Who Publicly Insulted Their Ex Lovers

Bollywood Celebrities Who Publicly Insulted Their Ex LoversThis time 5ocial brings you some shocking confessions of Bollywood actors about their ex partners.

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  1. U didn't mention that Saif also had a relationship with an Italian lady Rosa when he got a heart attack thankfully he's stopped his smoking..guess I'm more snr than u so I've read all this since long time back but u hv given most of their comments after their breakups

  2. its hard when a man betrays and humiliates you its harder for women as men only get really upset only if they love the woman otherwise they don't give a crap, i feel bad for all of them as its hard when you are betrayed u cant trust again and to go through pain in the media, sometimes u cant hide your pain… all of us have been betrayed by the opposite sex at least once, some of us more than others… its always good when the ex's who caused the betrayal go through that same pain, i hope all my ex's too get the same thing happen to them, betrayal and lies is not acceptable its evil its destroys a person… i know the feeling and i hope the same thing happens to all my ex's that's justice

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