Bollywood Star Wives Who are Happy WithTheir Cheater Husband

Bollywood Star Wives Who are Happy WithTheir Cheater Husband

Bollywood Star Wives Who are Happy WithTheir Cheater HusbandStar Wives Who Accepted Their Husband’s Extra Marital Affairs :

1. Gauri Khan :-

2. Kajol :-

3. Twinkle Khanna :-

4. Sussanne Khan :-

5. Sunita Ahuja :-

6. Jaya Bachchan :-

Reporters : – Bristilekha Roy
Video Editors : Kaushik | Devdutta | Madhupriya
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  1. Cheating is a choice not mistake which deserve no forgiveness.Its toxic in a pure relationship called love were trust and loyalty hold it together.And l never knew PC was a marriage breaker cuz even the woman is to be blamed cuz she's not living under a rock to not know that the person she is in affair with is married.

  2. ranveer is a best cheater in Bollywood list of cheaters he was so close with deepika and after There break up , he is now with Vanni and enjoying with her he is not sad or guiltiness at all he completely forgot about it and so… Happy with Vanni so this proves that he does not have feelings at all so….. Plz, be careful with ranveer deepika OK ALL THE BEST for your happy endless life with out the cheater ranveer I don't like ranveer after all go this happened with deepika

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