Elon Musk Is the Highest Paid CEO in the U.S.

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Elon Musk Is the Highest Paid CEO in the U.S.Aug.04 — Bloomberg’s Anders Melin explains how Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the highest paid U.S. CEO for the third year in a row. He speaks with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.”


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  1. News anchor states "no women on this list…which is a shame." Would she prefer some government quota instead?

    I 100% believe in EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITIES but not in EQUALITY OF OUTCOMES. That comes from hard work, adaptability, and having a big vision. And maybe a bit of luck. But not government quotas that is for sure.

  2. One thing I love about Elon is he could have easily retire with the money he got from Selling PayPal but no he pushed forward and now we have Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAi,Starlink, SolarCity and more and even with all his money he leaves in a boxable house

  3. Elon Literally is primary share holder of his company , his earnings are from Company's valuation.
    He doesn't get 6 bn$ credited to his bank account that he can spend like an avg person.
    These headlines create a wrong understandings of equity ownership

  4. People who have done the work to analyze Tesla as a business don't need to be convinced in the future value of the company. For me it's the truly elite engineering that is many levels above the nearest competitor that excite me. The product speaks volumes even without a billion dollar marketing campaign. Elon has legions of young motivated engineers working on the hardest problems in the world and succeeding. If you are betting against him and his motives, I suggest you foolishly short the Tesla stock and make yourself a multimillionaire. My analysis sees Tesla as the biggest company in the world somewhere between 2025 and 2035. I based this on the "battery day presentation, nothing is going to stop them from achieving 3 terawatts of battery production by 2030 it seems. Ask yourself how many products sold with that much battery capacity? From what has been announced from the competition the nearest competitor is seeking 250 gigawatts by 2030. Also if "Tesla vision" autonomous software and hardware become reality the royalties are mind boggling.

  5. Elon's pay went up, and he has to justify his pay with more profitable sales. What would he do? He would drive slaves like no tomorrow to keep up sales. I feel sorry for his managers and employees. After all, he and a few wealthy investors are gaining most of the cream from the top. There is a reason why he doesn't want his sales team to make a voice call. By messaging, buyers from the company computers, Tesla can monitor and manage the consumer lifecycle more effectively. It is all about having direct control over his customers and banking those for future sales.

  6. Other people are saying it but; his pay package when it was announced was literally what a crazy many would do. Most people did not think that he would achieve it. He agreed to take minimum wage (because getting some wage was required) and then to have tranches of stock disbursement based on milestones. Those milestones were like 6 starting at 50 billion, 100, 200, 400, 600 – something like that. This is when tesla was a $30 billion dollar company. He effectively would get something like 6% of the stock options if the market cap went to $600 billion or more. But mind you, THAT IS INSANELY ambitious. Thats the equivalent of Ford or GM literally 30x'ing. Any other CEO could probably negotiate that package, but I doubt they would – it just shows how much balls he had and the conviction that Tesla was going to be worth $500 billion+ (which again was a crazy aspiration considering the company at the time was doing less then $2B in REVENUE and 0 in profit). So he increased the company valuation by 400 billion and got paid lets say like 30 billion; as opposed to typical CEO's who might increase the valuation 25% during their tenure (so 6 billion) and making a few hundred million; shareholders won big with tesla

  7. This analysis is so unbelievably stupid that I feel sick to my stomach. Go watch @TeslaDaily where Rob Mauer does a proper breakdown of what's going on with Elon's pay package and where we can expect it to go.

    The dude works 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. He owns no mansions or fancy properties or yachts. He only owns the businesses that he operates all of which have the objective of transforming human society for the better (Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, Boring Co.)… but stonk go up, billionaire pay go up, billionaire bad!

  8. What kind of reporter is she ?
    Why she has to play politics & the plague the conversation with feminism ? Should Tesla / Apple hire less qualified woman over man just to distinguish certain feminists ego ? There aren’t highest paid woman CEO either because their company isn’t as big as males company or they aren’t valuable as man. It’s simple.

  9. Yeah, for Elon his wealth isn't money but leadership and control of the things he's building. Its all wrapped up with his companies which for the most part are strong net goods for the world. Those other CEO's are gaining personal wealth and possessions. Elon lives in a $50k home and works all the time. Its a decent use of his wealth for the most part. The man is always working.

  10. Analyst does not mention that Elon Musk gets nothing if Tesla company does not perform in multiple metrics (market cap growth, revenue growth, and adjusted ebitda growth. Also he is not allowed to sell these awarded shares for 5 years. High risk, High reward. I believe all the other CEOs want to get paid regardless of whether their company performs well or not.

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