Every Woman John F. Kennedy Had an Affair With

Every Woman John F. Kennedy Had an Affair With

Every Woman John F. Kennedy Had an Affair WithFor JFK, marriage was just a formality and fidelity was just a suggestion. How many of Kennedy’s secret lovers are you aware of? And do you think that a President today could get away with cheating on their wife as much as he did? Let us know in the comments.

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John F. Kennedy was notable for being the youngest person to ever be elected the President of the United States when he took the oath of office in 1961, thus becoming the 35th person to ever hold the title of. Throughout his brief presidency, he brought a ton of fresh, new energy to the White House. He was instrumental in creating the Peace Corps and is credited with having helped prevent World War III by successfully deescalating the Cuban Missile Crisis.

While JFK is widely known for his many accomplishments – as well as his untimely death on November 22, 1963 – the 35th president’s love life is also a topic of much speculation and retrospective dissection. Although he meticulously crafted his public image as that of a devoted family man, JFK was quite possibly the most prolific presidential philander in United States history. This was a guy who literally said that he couldn’t go more than a couple of days without sleeping with someone new before he would start suffering from a headache.

Kennedy was involved with many, many women, ranging from blonde bombshell Hollywood types like Marilyn Monroe to White House interns with unsettling ties to the mafia and the Soviets. Although he was famously married to the glamorous and beautiful brunette Jackie Kennedy, John had a predilection for blondes.

Jackie wasn’t completely clueless about her husband’s infidelity. She was after all, a very intelligent woman. She knew all about his numerous trysts, but she rationalized them by telling herself that John would always ultimately come back to her. It was fairly commonplace at the time for elite men to have affairs, so she probably just thought it was something that someone of her status had to put up with.

JFK’s womanizing was even organized. Notoriously he enlisted the services of one, Dave Powers, a special assistant whose primary duty was to locate beautiful women that were willing to hook up with the President. John would even use the Secret Service to sneak women in and out of the White House. Talk about abuses of power privilege!

If you find all of this as fascinating as we do, watch this video in full to learn about the countless women that whom the late President had affairs with.

Every Woman John F. Kennedy Had an Affair With

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  1. It's all insanity, reading through the comments, he did she did and all the rest of it. Not one can tell you their side of the story, all dead, just like Joe Biddens first wife and her "car crash", the daughter died but Hunter survived and Beau

  2. This is the IGNORANCE YOU SHOW, instead of closing your mouth and speak only on Sports, Politics, Family, and Spirituality. You are ALWAYS trying to destroy the credibility of THOSE WHO SACRIFICED their lives for an ATTEMPT AT A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL. *The SAME MISTAKES MLK made was the same EXACT mistake JFK & RFK and MY GRANDMOTHER LOVED ALL THREE. You should’ve saw the Homage she payed in their house. ON EVERYTHING I LOVE ❤️

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