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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY NEW TRAILER REACTION!In this video, Matt “Supes” Ramos reacts to the new trailer for Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3!


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  1. “I'M STARLORD”…. Uh… I got the goosebumps….
    3 years ago I had no idea about marvel, I didn't know what the hell guardians are and who the fk Quill guy is…
    Those were the days of covid… And I was totally isolated at my home.. I was all bored..
    Then one day one friend suggested me to go for the marvel movies.. He even shared me the chronological order…
    I was loving the movies … But.. Not like loving from my heart…
    But things changed when I stepped into the Guardians movie…..
    All those covid days when there was no friends no family, like I was totally locked away in a different world….. After I saw the guardians… I.. I felt like I have got a family…
    They literally touched my heart… And now they really are a part of my life..
    There's not a single day I don't think about the guardians… They are now… Everything… And also idk about those “humans” who hate Quill for infinity war… But I totally feel him… I felt his emotions in infinity war… JUST STOP BLAMING HIM!! IT WASN'T HIS FAULT!!! DR. STRANGE DIDN'T STOP HIM FROM PUNCHING THANOS THAT MEANS HE KNEW WHAT QUILL WAS DOING WAS FOLLOWING THE 1 POSSIBILITY TO THEIR VICTORY!!! EVEN HIS CLOAK OF LEVITATION COULD FEEL QUILL'S PAIN AND DIDN'T STOP QUILL AND PPL CAN'T EVEN FEEL IT…When I first saw the character in gotg1 i was like….“hey that's totally me!! Marvel you had been spying me!? ” .. I.. I just dunno wtf I'm saying.. But… It's so emotional.. I have came a long way with the guardians….I have a pet …his name is rocket….guardians won my heart in such a way….I love them….And I'm really not ready to say them goodbye in gotg3..

  2. I still don't understand why people feel that there is a need for a serious tone just because this is the 3rd film, considering that the previous films has generally been pretty disconnected in terms of plot. It's not like the 3 Guardians films are telling one complete story. Heck, I still don't have an idea about the general plot after watching the trailers. All I can tell is that the High Evolutionary is the antagonist. That's it.

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