Hailey Bieber EXPOSED by Selena Gomez fans…(where's Justin Bieber??)

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Hailey Bieber EXPOSED by Selena Gomez fans…(where's Justin Bieber??)

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  1. They're apart more than they are together. I was at Socialista in December and Justin was there. Let's just say he looked like he was having a lot of fun. A few of years ago I was at the same place and Justin Timberlake was there. He also was having the same kind of fun. Marriage is an illusion to celebrities and being faithful is a joke.

  2. I'm not a fan of any of the people involved in this drama but I will say that I don't think Selena is as innocent as all of her "Stan's" claim she is. They're treating her like she's the victim of all these bullies, she's entirely uncontroversial/likes to stay away from the drama, and that she's the "better person." In reality she clearly knows exactly what's she's doing, she 100% wants to be seen as the good guy so her cult fandom will continue going on defence and offence for her to the death. If anything I almost guarantee that she enjoys this drama, I mean look at how much her beauty brand has grown because of it.
    Haven't her fans been obsessively commenting about rare beauty on Hailey's skin care brands tiktok? Her responding to her fandoms videos attacking Hailey whether she deserves it or not is not the mature actions of an innocent women in her 30's. I think every celebrity involved in this drama needs to grow up and start acting their age, instead of being a bunch of petty high school girls.
    Edit: the whole "let's love everybody" bullshit is exactly that, bullshit. Girly is smart enough to know that her putting out one comment telling her fans to unspecifically love everybody is not going to stop them from continuing the hate train and accelerating the drama, yet y'all will continue to eat it up and call

  3. that's what happened to nepo babies, they enjoy luxury of life and instant popularities from their parents. they don't know how to become kinder down to earth kind of person. unlike Selena, she encounters alot of people and kindness becomes very natural to her as she was a public figure, she really works hard on her career and matures well with class

  4. Why don't people just stop being so invested into celebrities drama and life like they are normal people too same feelings same beef like how us normal people deal with.
    Like yeah listen too there music so forth but this shit is insane let them be them
    it isn't our life, drama, and or beef.
    Crazy how y'all be so tied up into something other than own life.

  5. okay so thi sis the "queen" that was stoking the flames in the tiktok comment section while saying "omg they are so mean to me but leave them alone its alright" finally Justin snubbed her lmao. listen u guys bullying ppl is Not cool at all okay? whether its Selena or any of us but I can't stand a person who says “I don’t wanna be involved” who at the same time spends so much time stoking the flames the same way I can't stand Hailey. I’ve never seen a celebrity more infantilized by their own fanbase than Selena Gomez. I also think she’s aware of this & tends to utilize it in not so great ways.She tends to hide under this guise of “oh I just want to spread positivity” but in reality she knows she’s being messy. Commenting on TikTok’s that are gossiping about a relationship you had from YEARS AGO, is WEIRD.

  6. Not a fan of any of them. Just got invested for the last 24 hrs about this, and from the bits and pieces of info I've heard over the years. I'm sure Selena is no angel either. She seems to leave chaos in people's lives. It's actually a pattern now. Friends keep leaving her. There's a reason for that, although we don't know the reason. She's ex friends with Demi, Francia, Bella, Kendall. Are Taylor Swift and Selena even still "friends"? The way the whole Francia thing played out seems shady. Not going to say she used her because what do I know. But the way Francia found out about they're a match was odd. Not to mention, after her friend Francia gave her an organ, Selena continued to live an unhealthy lifestyle. That's so disrespectful and totally not caring to the friend who literally sacrificed a piece of herself so she can save Selena's life. Like, "thank you for saving my life but I'm gonna continue to eff up my body" she didn't care about the sacrifice her friend made. How cold. I'm sure Selena has a lot of issues, she is just good at hiding them. Not saying she's a narcissist, but covert narcissist are like that. They hype up the person, make them feel special, then as soon as they get what they wanted, they throw you away. Which is what she has done with Abel, Francia, Charlie, and who knows who else.

  7. It’s not weird to take a trip. He’s a creative! Maybe he’s in the zone making music and getting his head right for a new season in his life… last year of his 20s!
    Or maybe he was getting Botox and beauty treatments and stuff since he knows he’s about to get super photographed for his birthday.
    She’s distracting the paps like “hey look over here!!”

  8. One more video until I’m caught up.
    Not a fan of Hailey, Selena, Justin or Kylie. I think everyone is just engaging in petty drama and reaching way too much.
    To me, Selena saying it wasn’t a big deal was because it wasn’t to her. They were okay in her eyes so them talking and chatting and taking a photo of a normal thing is not going to seem big to her at the time.
    Also if you’re a fan of someone thing your are going to adopt their language and phrases in your day to day life. If I cared more, I would do more research into it, but I really don’t think that Hailey is a stalker.
    Whether you’re a celebrity making shady tweets or a person in the mob attacking someone for days on end, bullying people isn’t not cool.

  9. Why are they blaming justin when its the girls obsessed and creating drama as girls do. These women have brains and autonomy, just not using it very well. Notice how selena doesn't directly say stop sending hate to hailey or whoever or whatever, because clearly she loves it when her fans and their uncle side with her?

  10. If anyone is a stalker it’s Selena. She’s obsessed with her ex and his wife when it’s been over 7 years since she dated Justin. Yet she’s still singing about him and trolling social media. Just to sell records because Selena is such a boring, mean girl that she only gets attention by obsessing over her ex and his wife who have a beautiful relationship meanwhile, Selena can’t keep a man or friends. Not even a friend who gave her an organ! Selena is a talentless, mentally unstable bully. With a god awful eye lift and cheek job. She looks cross eyed and special needs.

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