Highest Paid Developer Jobs

Highest Paid Developer Jobs

Highest Paid Developer JobsWhich Developers Get Paid The Most?
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00:00 Intro
00:48 Dev Ops Specialist
02:14 Software Architect
02:55 Full Stack Developer
06:37 Data Scientist



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  1. Hi, i'm from belgium and i'm doing my bacheloor in informatic, with the data base option i can have a data scientist bacheloor ( and we do a bit of machine learning) but i'm scared that i won't be hired by compagnies because like you said, generaly they have a master degree and even if i can be a "good" data scinece i won't have the same algorythmic level than them… do you think i better should take the software engineer option ? we finish by a java framework (react) on this option etc..
    thank you
    nb: also, i dream to go live in an other country so on your opinion what should i take for a better "freelance" or employe in full remote life

  2. When I search for this topic, I usually find salaries based on USA. The problem is that I'm European, and most of the times, the numbers are not even close to the ones in USA. The video is great, don't get me wrong, and I really like your content, but I would love some insights from Sweden for example – a country where I consider moving and working in CS field in the future. ^^

  3. In San Francisco, at least pre-pandemic, you have to pay $110k+ for a very basic full stack developer who has only done a 3 month school. If you are any good then starting salary can be as high as $200k+. It’s pretty insane. I can say it is impossible to hire anyone with the tinyist bit of experience for anything under $160k. (I just recently moved back to Sweden after 5 years in SF)

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