Highest Paid Female Singers

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Highest Paid Female SingersList of the highest paid female singers includes superstars such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Madonna and Beyonce Knowles, Adele, Pink, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Celion Dion. Thank you for watching and please subscribe to the channel for more videos like this.
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  1. Beyonce is the 3rd over all earner of the 2010s with 685 million despite not even being as active as she was in the 2000s
    Beyonce is the biggest female touring artist of the 21st century being the first to gross 1 billion and the only female artist in the 21st century so far to gross at least 1 billion
    Beyonce is the 3rd most certified artist on vevo besides not being active dear for YEARS
    Beyonce has the fastest selling album in iTunes history and went numner 1 in 104 countries on apple music
    Beyonce and Adele were the only female artists in the 2010s to win 6 grammy's in one night
    Beyonce is the most awarded musician in grammy history with 28 grammy's and the list awarded in mtv
    In 2017 Beyonce was the queen of instagram with the most liked pictures on the app and had the most followers and even now she is top 10
    Beyonce won artist of the decadw NRJ award
    Artist such as Rihanna, taylor swift, adele, sia, meghan thee satin, lizzo, doja cat and so much more see Beyonce as their BIGGEST musical inspiration.
    Beyonce is the celebrity to celebrities
    The only celebrities that beyonce ever was a huge fan of was Michael jackson

  2. People are always trying to discredit Madonna, saying she’s “not relevant”. This list proves to all the naysayers. Madonna has outlasted her male and female contemporaries.

    She experimented with different musical generes; house, electronic… etc before it was popular to do so. True legend, true icon, true business woman.. Madonna

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