Highest Paying Job After BCA | Student Shorts

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Highest Paying Job After BCA | Student ShortsWatch the highest paying job roles after BCA that include Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Software Architect, Network Engineer, System Analyst.
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  1. bhai bca maat le.. Har college me 120 log bande me se 40 ko maximum job milta hai , off and on campus mila ke .. or pay hota hai 9000-18000/month.. 6 months bohot Kam karayega iss payment me , and baad me nikal de ga.. 6 mahena ka pura maar dega …
    believe me bro🥲
    I am telling this for all of you…

  2. I'm a 2nd year bca student and I realise that bca syllabus is too old and not getting updates in it, and the subjects which all I'm learning you can learn all only in 7 to 8 months, from YOUTUBE , so my advice is don't take bca , you can take B. Tech . CSE( AI & ML). or learn something new which have a demand in industry and don't go for old syllabus that's my advice 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  3. Can you tell me which is better bca or bcs as i am still confused please help me 😶 one more question i am a science student my 12th is 85% in PCMB group and in mht cet my 80% is in pcm group so my problem is I am already admitted in BCA but I have chance to take BE Computer Science I can choose BE, BCA. And which one is better BCA or bcs plz reply fast plz

    Plz tell me in comment section 😥😥

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