Hot Messy Affair! | #vanderpumprules

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Hot Messy Affair! | #vanderpumprulesToday’s Topics:
🌸 The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion, Pt. 3 Recap
🍸 Tom and Raquel’s affair
🍊 Heather Dubrow NEWS

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  1. Gizelle is responsible for her feelings. I think she is an idiot for blaming Chris for "how she feels" or "how he made her feel". I say bullsh*! Giz is a grown a* woman and no one can make her feel anything…she is responsible for her feelings…Tom is a douchebag…Arianna will survive and be a better person for this…I question how om and raquel think they are going to overcome THIS. THIS is going to ruin them and is the begining of the end for their reputations, businessess and anything and everything good for them…Their selfish actions are preposterous and they are going to fall to the depths of the bottom of the earth…"I will watch and then I will smile…" JK, that was a quote from Katie…Seriously, Arianna never gave "it" up to tom, raquel is a beautiful and sexy girl and so hurt over james and sees Arianna and what she has with tom and she wants that…I understand how this could happen but the way it all went down…tom and raquel deserves everything that will befall upon them…bye…

  2. It's not that messy, it's fun… besides Tom needs a woman that wants to settle down & get MARRIED, and have CHILDREN…. TOM WANTS THAT & so does Rachelle. Sure it was fun for Tom to have a cool bisexual friend to date, but Rachel has what
    Tom REALLY Wants. Ariana will be fine and move on doing the same stuff she has been doing. Tom & Rachel will bring new life into the show, it will be exciting watching their relationship blossom now that Rachel & Tom are in a relationship they were meant to be in and both wanted…. This is so cool, if you doubt it, recall the bored faces Tom ans Ariana constantly had together. New business, New woman, and Tom will flourish as he watches his buddy Tom's life flourish and will also find a happy life with a happy fun woman too. Bye bye go downer old women.

  3. 1:05:34 I was watching Jordan Peterson interview a detransitioner – one thing became clear to me is that I would NOT allow my child if they were under 18 to proceed with any surgical or hormonal intervention. They can dress and present themselves as whatever gender they wish to and can make non-permanent changes and decisions to alter their appearances if they feel like it. After 18, they are free to do as they please. I’m not a fan of Jordan Peterson but he cited a lot of research that made me realize that NOT ALL children and teenagers in the years they are going thru puberty are emotionally capable of making the decision to make decisions that causes lifelong changes to their bodies.

    The lifelong side effects that the poor woman who he interviewed was talking about after she detransitioned after she stopped taking testosterone and got her double mastectomy and chest mascularization surgery done as a teenager was so heartbreaking. She realized she had the hormonal levels (and as a byproduct, the reproductive health) as a woman going thru menopause despite only being in her 20s. She lost the ability to ever breastfeed her kids one day. Her dream is to have children and be a mother and she feels robbed of that bc of her parents and doctors supporting her decision to transition from female to male when she was a teen and thus didn’t have the capacity to understand the weight of her decision to transition.

    I have also heard and watched videos of a number of other detransitioners who deeply regretted their decision to transition and leaving the decision to make changes to one’s body that can potentially have lifelong effects in the hands of a child seems just so wrong.

    Children are proven to have an inability to think of longterm consequences, they struggle to understand the longterm (I’m talking decades later) implications of the decisions they make, their hormonal changes guarantee that they are experiencing thoughts and feelings that are unfamiliar to them and makes them feel and think things that they’ve never had a chance to come to terms with. I just wouldn’t feel like a responsible parent to let my child make such a longterm decision about their health and even lifespan if

  4. I guess I am the only person in America who feels no sympathy for Ariana. Tom was living with Kirstin Doute when Ariana hooked up with him. She denied it and mocked Kirstin and was very mean to her. Hi Ariana .. Tom's last girlfriend was hurting just the same way you are now. It's called life. So as they say … what goes around comes around. The only thing that shocks me is that they lasted so long.

  5. It doesn't matter if Kelly and Heather have a history or not a 12-year-old is not old enough to make a decision like that and we all know it in our guts. I have always liked Heather and Kelly but now I'm questioning Heather quite a bit and I am not a bigot or anything like that.

  6. Don’t fool yourself it’s a storyline don’t tell me Ariana did not know that Tom sound of all went to go see Raquel at the beauty pageant thing those two were finished already for almost a year they haven’t had no sexual relationship only more friendship I think this whole thing is to get more ratings and more storylines! Because if not it was getting kind of boring

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