Inspirational long story in english-Be successful in life like this

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Inspirational long story in english-Be successful in life like this

Inspirational long story in english-during the summer holidays, the boy who came to visit his grandfather came to his grandfather and said with great pride that when I have aged, I will become a successful man, can you be a successful man? Can you tell me somehow? be successful. AND. 

the grandfather shook his head and grabbed the hand of the child without saying anything and took him to the nursery and took two small plants and returned home, returned and returned and returned to a plant away from home. Diya and put another floor in a pot and put it inside the house. 

Now, what do you think of these two floors, which plant will have more successful in the future? The grandfather asked the child, the boy continued to think for some time and then said that the plant inside the house will be more successful because it is safe from any danger when the external plant is also threatened by a Strong sun, storms and animals. 

The grandfather said: let’s see what will happen later and we started collecting the newspaper and started reading. The grandfather continued to pay more attention to both plants and time. 

After 3-4 years, when the child came to visit the city with his parents once again, he saw his grandfather and said that the last time I asked him somehow to be successful, but you have something That I didn’t say it, but this time you have to say anything.

The grandfather smiled and brought the child to the place where he had planted a plant in a pot, now that the plant became a tree, the child said: “I said” “. 

The grandfather said that before looking at the conditions of the external plant, since Ji took the child and a huge tree was proud with pride. 

Now the grandfather asked, say which plant he was more successful, the boy said something. But as is possible, I would have to face how many dangers they should have faced, the grandfather smiled and said yes, the external plant had to face many things, but there are also his benefits because of the problem of problems. 

The external plant had the freedom to spread the roots how much he wanted and touched the sky with your friend and half of the storm with which you understood the problem of this tree, the same half of the storm made the roots of this. Tree so strong. It has been made that today a small half storm cannot ruin this tree. 

Son, if you intend to tell you what you feel inside you, then what you do in life, you will be successful in it, he said that if you continue to choose good options for life, then you have never been so successful that It may be as much as it is, but if you are ready to face this world despite all the dangers, it is not impossible for you to achieve any goal. 

The boy breathed a lot and began to look at that tree, had understood the words of his grandfather, today they had had a great successful lesson that the obstacles that we consider in life as the great enemy that we consider strong. Makes it very effective in life.

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