Inspirational story in english-stop worrying what people will think

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inspiring story: someone said very surprising that it doesn’t matter that people want to break you, make a difference with what you want. 


Two children became friends in a village, one boy was eight years old and the other was ten years old, the friendship of both children was strengthening day after day. The two went to school together, played. One day, both children played with the ball and left the city playing together and reached a deserted area. 


there was a very old well from that city that was happy and his ball fell into that old well. Now he said the ten years, he said he waits, took the ball and fell into the well with this haste and hurried. The ball did not come out, but the boy also entered the well. 


Now the boy who was out was frightened, he thought that what will happen now, the roommates will kill me. Be many of those reversals in his mind that was thinking. 


the child screamed from the inside, except, and the boy stopped out here was screaming, except, but because of the desert place, he was not listening to any voice, nobody was seen everywhere. The boy ran and wandered, but nobody was watching. 


Now the child lying inside was drying because of the screams, the voice did not come out, the breath blew and there was no water nearby, I could not understand what to do. 


then saw a rope and a bucket near the bush, the boy ran with him, tied the bucket with a rope and threw the rope in the well and started saying that boy ten years. Get up 


the boy who lay in he started saying that you were not crazy, you too fall, you can’t pull me. That eight -year -old boy began to say that I will not show you or will come and come. 


that the eight -year -old boy put his whole life, his throat was happy, thirsty, the condition is bad, but although he pulled out that rope with his and launched that ten -year boy. 


now people started asking the two children to whom these children could not understand what to say, then he would kill that he went so far and fell into the well and if they are lying, then what excuse the excuse should be The excuse of work mind? I was not doing such situations and I was angry day by day. 


Now they both told the truth, the youngest child said he had fallen into the well, so I left the rope. Now, as soon as he said, people started laughing that you’re angry, you don’t have a bucket of water and make the boy for ten years and started making fun of those children? 


then the elderly of the village, which was the Sarpanch from there, said these children are telling the truth, they really took a ten -year -old boy. 


Now there are two reasons for this, the first thing is that I had no choice, I knew that if it hadn’t been taken, then I would die and the second thing would not have said that you will not be with you so these children are telling the truth. 


If you want to be successful in life, remember these things. First of all, he has no option, he must demonstrate that job and according to when the people around him say that he is not deaf and does not listen to his words.

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