KABZAA Trailer Reaction! | Upendra | Sudeepa | Shivarajkumar |Shriya | R.Chandru

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KABZAA Trailer Reaction! | Upendra | Sudeepa | Shivarajkumar |Shriya | R.ChandruReaction Gear: (affiliate link)

Intro music by DAVIS
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Twitter & Instagram: @AcharaKirk

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram: @jabykoay

Veerendra Chowdary created the opening animation.
Twitter: @NameisVeeru

Moosa Raza created additional background animation.
Instagram: @syedraza7
Twitter: @MoosaRaza27


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Credit of my favorite movie reviews song:
Highlight Reel Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Intro song: Hudson Stanton (looks more like Nick Jonas than me)

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  1. its KGF style, but story line will be about independence from british. Kabzaa means to conquer – in reference to british people conquering india. Kabzaa is a negative word. So i have a feeling this movie is going to be a mix of KGF and RRR. Again putting british people in a bad light – what they actually deserve.

  2. In America people don't compare movies like man of steel, xodus, lord of rings because of VFX and BGM and color grading looks the same. But content is night and day difference. On the Three movies. But here in India because of colonial mindset past doesn't get off the head easily so they like compare it kabza to KGF. The content is so different .Pathan is copy of these movies .Β  (Saaho) jet pack scene , (fast 9) truck fight , (Captain America winter soldier) Bucky entry,Β  (mission impossible fallout) sky diving , (die another day James Bond) car chase scene on ice . So stop comparing kgf to kabza. Only because of vfx and bgm

  3. special Thanks to Bollywood celebrities who shared the Hindi trailer:
    1) Amitabh bachan sir.
    2) Ajay Devgan Sir.
    3) Manoj bajpayee Sir.
    4) Sunil Shetty Sir.
    5) Abhishek Bacchan Sir.
    6) Ronit Bose Roy Sir.
    7) Rakesh Roshan Sir.
    8) Satish kaushik Sir – om Shanti.

  4. Ravi Basur is quite overrated and the bgm in every single movie sounds almost the same and it feels like he had a good idea of a particular music which worked in KGF and after that he got a lot of offers but he just got lucky and now got no ideas…!

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