Kendall , Hailey & Justine Mean Girl Club? Secret Affairs With Each Others Men? Juicy Ending 🤯

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Kendall , Hailey & Justine Mean Girl Club? Secret Affairs With Each Others Men? Juicy Ending 🤯#psychictarot #haileybieber #haileybaldwin #selenagomez #hollywood #entertainment #justinbieber #celebrities #justineskye #kendalljenner #kyliejenner #jenners #tarotreading #tarot #celebritygossip #celebrity #entertaining


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  1. It is this confidence and ego that will cause her downfall. It’s funny how she when on a podcast and orchestrated a meeting with Selena thinking it will help her public image and things have been going downhill for her since then. The picture where Selena has her hand on Hailey went viral and I can’t stop thinking about the lyrics to Taylor song which Selena shared. « we ended in a same room at the same time…..A touch of a hand let a fuse of a chain reaction of counter moves ) like she said Gods timing is always best. Let’s all wait and see.

  2. 🫣🫣🫣 i wonder wot secret it is???… i sooo look forward to your readings, hailey wants to be top dog but kendall will never let that happen! dont even have to know them to know how nasty they are just look at them!!!anyway love and light to you all…😊

  3. When the divorce happens, that’s when the fireworks will begin w/ mean girls club. They have no longevity; Justine chic has been” hoping/ tryin unsuccessfully for 10+ years, and the other 2 basic models. Facts, just average too. No real talent but walking w/ clothes, posting on social media and showing their bodies. always younger, prettier and talented girls coming to hollyweird to take their place

  4. The ONLY time I've ever seen/heard of Justine was when it was associated to being a "mean girl" in this particular girls group, and I'm wondering how many people here can relate. Maybe it's Justine making these aggressive Hailey stan accounts and not Hailey herself 🤔 Hailey is still a suspect though since she has too much spare time lol

  5. Omg yes I love this! Your so good and so funny lol @ the 😎


    To anyone else who reads this, no need to come for me, I just like others like me some juicy celeb goss from time to time 😉

    So firstly, U, Audri are amazing! This reading got me laughing, applauding and screaming yesss yess yesss at the screen lol 😆🤣🤣🤣
    Every time I think to ask u to do a reading on something for some confirmation I come to ur channel and there u are and you’ve done a reading on what I was wanting ur thoughts and opinions on… OF COURSE, FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! 😁

    I don’t know where you do these tolls but a big thanks to ur other viewers for requesting this! I needed some popcorn and a drink for this!
    Ok, so in the psychic/tarot/celeb gossip realm theres been very similar reads/ thoughts as urs butttt I MAY or MAY NOT have some possible bits to add here if I may.
    Lord imma need those sunnies lol 😆🤣🤣🤣😎😜

    Ok so first of all they are mean girls and ur missing some ppl from the group but no one to important lol one being stassie, kylie’s bestie/ side piece 🙊 and yes Kylie and Travis have yet again broken up and yes many know things about Travis that Kylie doesn’t know. They are all jealous of one another and in competition with each other mainly in regards to fame and fortune.

    So Kylie and Kendall whom are sisters have always had a squabbling, nasty, catty relationship they’ve had some very full on falling outs that get physically violent. They had one recently… yes this can be googled + searched.
    Kylie and Kendall have always fought/ fussed over Hailey and who’s friend she is etc… she first was friends with Kylie but then Kendall claims she stole her off Kylie and that Hailey is her, Kendall’s, best friend.

    So yes Kendall did actually like Justin for real for real when younger, but he never saw her like that… he just wanted one thing off her, if u know what I mean. She wasn’t happy with that at all! Justin has slept with many of these mean girls and even had flings with Kendall’s siblings.
    Kylie, Kendall, Hailey and others have all dated/had flings with each other’s flings when younger.

    So yes, Kendall was more then lil butt hurt that justin basically rejected her advances and went back to Selena and decided to stick with her over Kendall. So then she got really spiteful by planning and sabotaging their relationship with other mean girls in her group to break up Selena and Justin. I’ve mentioned this to u before in other video comments.
    She knew Hailey had a crush on him so the mean girl group, who were acting as Selena’s pals, distracted her with a girls get away while Hailey made her move on Justin.

    Kendall thought that Justin and Hailey would just hook up, nothing actually serious. So years later with off and on dates/ hookups between Justin and Hailey, Kendall was really shocked and pissed off when she found out about Justin and Hailey getting married. She was/is super jealous and pissed off.

    By the way these mean girls have always been envious and jealous of Selena from day dot. They all used to be up her ass for clout but really they never wished her any good. They just used her and really started hating her because they literally could never reach the level of stardom and fan base love as Selena.

    Anyways so back to miss Kendall! Here is the juicy goss… Kendall and Hailey Hooked up while Hailey was dating Justin before they got married. Kendall is in love with Hailey and Hailey still has feelings for Kendall. Some have said that they are actually soulmates. Hailey stopped the ‘love’ connection with Kendall because she couldn’t possibly continue things with Kendall due to her good Christian girl image. She wasn’t willing to have that ruin her chance at ultimate stardom by being Mrs Bieber.

    Kendall has been out to sabotage Hailey and Justin’s marriage from the get go. She has been sexually involved with the both of them at the same time in their marriage. Yes it did cause friction and uneasiness between them.

    Justin and Hailey are ‘married’ for the public eye and staying together only for the spotlight/fame and money. But they are so seperate and single behind closed doors. Justin has been done with Hailey for quite awhile. He knows about everything! Yes even about her and Kendall. He knows about her using him for his money and her strategy to getting him to marry her. He is done and over her. He got really fed up and bored with her and her antics.

    Kendall is aware of Justin hooking up with other girls and she’s also aware of Hailey entertaining other possible connections like Shawn Mendes, who dated Hailey before she ran off to go get and be with Justin.
    Hailey did have feelings for Shawn but well just like Justin, she picked whom she thought would get her what she really wanted. She wants big time stardom, fame and money. Justin wanted kids and felt that a young, youthful, ‘healthy’ girl like Hailey could give him babies like she promised him. Hailey doesn’t want to have kids, not yet anyways and now she may not be able to give him children due to recent medical issues.

    But all that may no longer matter anymore as Justin has awoken to many things and almost completely has wiped his hands clean of Hailey. They are quickly coming undone. The nail in the coffin may be Kendall telling Justin about Hailey and Shawn, giving him his last and final confirmation. Or he may find out some other way… either way Justin wants OUT!! 🥳

    I know it’s not nice to wish bad things on to others but this whole thing has been so bad, horrible, and heartbreaking to others involved just because Hailey and her father wanted money and fame… and because Kendall couldn’t handle the rejection off both Justin first in her younger years then with Hailey just before she married Justin.

    As they say karma is a bishhhhh! And if ur gona play games or play with fire u will get burnt. The entire time Hailey and Justin have been together it’s non stop drama and issues between them and surrounding/ involving them. They both fallen really sick and that’s due to karma. If u wana play with ppls hearts, feelings, livelihoods etc then yea u better believe that will come back to u, ten fold.

    It’s also been mentioned that Kris Jenner is aware of how fond her daughter Kendall is of Hailey and that she advised Kendall to be there for Hailey as a friend and eventually when Justin and Hailey’s marriage falls apart then Kendall can be there for her and get her girl, Hailey! Umm yep! 😆 So the manager u mentioned, I believe is Kris Jenner who is helping her daughter and friends, the mean girls with their fame!

    As for Justine Skye, I don’t think anyone knew of her until they saw her joint to hailey’s hip lol what I can’t believe is that she would be so chummy with Hailey knowing full well that there is proper receipts and knowledge of Hailey being an absolute racist… but I’m not gona say anymore on that coz I’m not for that kinda thing.

    It would not surprise me that they talk about one another behind each other’s backs. I barely see any interactions between Justine and Kendall to be honest unless Hailey is with them and even that is rare. It would not surprise me if Justine felt some sort of way about Hailey also and that’s why her and Kendall may bad mouth one another to Hailey. Also Kendall is a top runway model and Justine is an American singer both were more known then Hailey but now she’s Mrs bieber, she’s kind of come up to their level … sort of.

    Well anyways I do wonder when all this will unfold and happen! And who will Hailey end up with?! Kendall or Shawn… or someone else!

    Look forward to ur next reading and thank you for this one. Fabulous!

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