Kris Jenner Speaks On OJ Simpson Exposing Her Affairs

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Kris Jenner Speaks On OJ Simpson Exposing Her AffairsKris Jenner Speaks On OJ Simpson Exposing Her Affairs

Kris Jenner is NOT amused about O.J. Simpson dragging her in his new interview…

O.J. recently sat down for an explosive interview and he’s finally addressing THOSE rumors about being Khloe Kardashian’s real dad AND he’s spilling the beans on all of Kris Jenner’s past affairs!

But how did Kris react to OJ exposing her dirty laundry?

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  1. Khloe is not his child. Her skin is very white she is light. She did battle with skin cancer and really look after her skin. I am tired of this story he is her dad. Because he wish he was. He always want to be in the news. If they did play keys in a hat it is something he have to keep quite. But he just want to be in the news. Look at all his kids with Nicole they are light to dark black. This is my opion. I am tired, Khloe been through hell about her dad's and everything.

  2. Maury to OJ: you are Not the father
    Maury to Robert K: you are Not the father
    Maury to alleged father:
    You ARE the father!!! SHE looks just like that man!! Exactly exactly exactly 💯💯💯% just like him. Kris was, is, & will always be community pu$$y. She was here there & everywhere & everyone knew/knows this. Her mom Ol' MJ taught her everything she knows & has taught her kids! Khloe isn't that dumb nor blind. She can see she looks just like this man. She knows this is her dad. Why Kris won't just be honest and tell her the truth is just crazy. The only person she's making look ridiculous is herself. Just tell the fkn truth already. Come clean & confirm what everyone sees already.

  3. I think Kris Kardashian has cashed in enough on all of this stuff , and she has no reason to be mad, if it wasn't for OJ it would never have happened, to me it's blood money, but anyway, put it to bed, just put it to rest, it's time to take her money and leave the building, whatever it is she's famous for,she's had more than her fifteen minutes of fame

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