LITTLE DIXIE | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

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LITTLE DIXIE | Official Trailer | Paramount MoviesNow on Digital and on Demand
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Frank Grillo (The Purge franchise) and Eric Dane (Euphoria) star in this action-packed revenge thriller. When a deal goes wrong between a corrupt Governor and a ruthless drug lord, ex-Special Forces Operative Doc (Grillo) is caught in the crosshairs. Now, with his family in danger, Doc must take down the Mexican drug cartel and do whatever it takes to protect the one good thing in his life – his young daughter, “Little Dixie”.

Featuring: Frank Grillo, Eric Dane, Beau Knapp, Annabeth Gish, Peter Greene, Thomas Dekker, Mercedes Mason, Maurice Compte

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LITTLE DIXIE | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

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  1. Alright, so I watched it. It was good. 7 out of 10. I am a tough critic however and pay attention to detail. It captured the atmosphere of the life of a cartel hitman. Interesting story in that sense. However, there were some things that significantly lessened the quality of the story. Realism for one. Guys killing people without gloves on, completely disregarding professionalism as far as forensics go. Which, when telling such a serious story about serious people is a significant realism killer. Another thing I noticed along those lines is that the guns were so fake that the action didnt even blow back when they fired them. Little things like that just significantly lessen the quality of a film of this genre. The thing that pisses me off is that these are common sense things and are so easy to fix. Makes you really think the director or storyteller doesnt actually have a clue about the reality of a story like this and turns something real into a fairy tale. It's so stupid to miss things like that. That being said, it was still a good film. Still something worth watching. This is the bloody version of the movie "Taken"

  2. Unlike them👇IMO Grillo’s been in wayyy too much of the same b.s. action movies and a lot are terrible..but here, he falls mid level and it works, with Knapp as the ruthless Cartel Assassin, everyone loves watching Dekker die, and he even got Peter Greene in there!’s actually good.

  3. Worse movie ever👎no more watching frank grillo’s movies as the guy has gone down the drain with his choice of movies. And who’s the idiot cartel sicario actor, I mean this guy didn’t know acting if acting hit him on the head. Don’t waste your time period!

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