Motivational Speech For Students-These habits are ruining us

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1. Walking attitude 

Napoleon had many qualities for what is considered the greatest general in history, but the greatest quality of him was his boundless Energy. At the time of the countryside, I worked for 18-20 hours a day and, if necessary, did not even sleep many rats. He knew all the details on the war, many times he set up the horses to the Moos and started working and working again. The biography believes he has never been satisfied. 


In 1796, as soon as France ended up France, he brought his army from France to Egypt for the war. When he felt that the war was not going well with Egypt and he was not allowed to work on his way, then he immediately came to France and after conspiracy, he became the first advice. Together with this, he went to another war and will go to the next campaign one after the other and also with unlimited energy without stopping. 

It happens that every time we keep the attitude, let’s get bored. Napoleon says that “there is a lack of energy in us only when we give ourselves challenges to ourselves with our ability”. If we take a risk, then there will be so much energy in our mind and body that we will incherate in what we had never thought, therefore “never calm us and we will make the risk a constant practice”.

2. Not just thinking. 

He says that once in 1943 he was trying to jump into the pool, but the forest on which he was standing at the green and on the floor, came and fell strong in the hospital and the doctor told him that his ribs were broken and a RIB has perforated the right lungs. 

He stayed in the hospital for three months, but then the doctor said that there is still nothing to improvise. Del era very shocked by the fact that three months have passed but I have no improvements. He thought for a long time for this that this is because they are only lying all day and continue to think about their illness and that’s why Syed is not taking his body. Del Pia said to the doctor that I move to the ward with the country club where the patient can do any job of will. Del has been moved there. 

After the Del has read many books above the psychology he learned oil by moving there, he played a contract game, he became so busy in these activities that he could not remember anything about his illness. Del Khushi, after passing the next three months, the entire medical staff came to congruous with having made an extraordinary recovery and can return home. 

So the point is that when we sit and worry about our life, there are no improvements, nor as health and anything else in life, but when we remove our mind from the tension and exercise a little action by removing ours mind from tension. When you apply to do, it starts to be improvised.

3. Do not face fear. 

World War was the General of the Army of Georges Patton USA, whose maximum family members were also corrected during the civil war in the position of the army. Patton, who landed at war for the first time during 1918 in the First World War was managed by the division of tanks. Patton somehow reached its top of the mountain of the American infantry army. But then the Germans began to shoot them, because he and his army had to cover the coverage there soon, Patton learned that those people were trapped. 

If they go back, then there will be shots from the hill and if they go on, the Germans will kill them all with the weapon. Patton was afraid, the legs began to support his legs, but then he remembered them all in his family who were in the army. 


Patton I felt that Mana is calling Patton to be right. Georges Patton heard that they should die, so I won’t come back, but I will die. Patton was struck in his leg as soon as he got up to order his army and fell. But somehow everyone has gone there. Since then, when he also became a newspaper, he had taken the habit that every time he had to take a war, he will go to the front line and report so that he could overcome his fear over and over again. 

We receive two sij of this story, the first is better than hiding from the fear that we face fear because we are freezing because of fear and nobody can undertake the action, the second sij we understand when we are afraid. It is and the leaves of the leaves our mental presence, so we fall into the eyes not only of ourselves but also of our family, our groups, our friends. If we are a leader, then many people look at us, so we should make a decision just to keep our composer.

4. War on too much. 

Joysef tells him about him that, since he was younger, he was angry for everything. Many things I worried were not even real, sometimes I got angry with this that I didn’t miss some things that should be upset. 

This has continued for many years, but once I was at the railway station with my friends because we had to go for a while to come to our train, so I stopped in front of another train that would have walked, I was about to see the its engine. He felt that a man landed from that train and started screaming (everyone got on the train) sought a little and as soon as the green lights started, then the train started and started his 2500 km journey. 


Joseph says I don’t know why this line has connected to me, I continued to think of that train and that man who will decide a journey of 2500 km and who does not care what the travel accident is if there is It is a delay, there should be a malfunction on the train, they simply walked and continued to take tension in my life, which would have happened later. And all the time I continued to think that when all the lights of life are green, I will advance. But the example of this train, now I have stopped taking the tension, when the song is, then continues, when the problem arrives, manage it only when the problem arrives.

5. Think of people. 

Friend, if you wear this dress, what will people think? If they take an cheap cell phone and go to the party, then everyone will consider me poor, if I told the aunt that my job is not there, then what will it think? . Each of us is very insecure, we believe that each person is leaving all the job and thinking about us when another person feels the same. 

Jeff Bezos says that if you ever feel like this and it seems that the social pressure is very high, once you go out the house and go to a busy place and start looking at that crowd comfortably, none of them have to think in you. A mother will worry about her son, someone has her job, someone has homework. That’s why we have to think about our work and not think about others and change our decisions. 

6. Share your goals and secrets. 

The Astronaut of NASA, Garrett Reisman, who worked with Elon Musk, says that Elon Musk always speaks to people on the same theme that he knows. For example, Elon Musk never talked to Garrett by Neuralink Company because Garrett is an astronaut and not a biologist and a method that makes Elon manage his time in a great way. 

But the normal person begins to share their dreams with everyone, from the negative people of Spaceley or by those who never understand their dreams and this is the reason why we recover the negativity that reduces the intensity of our goals. That’s why Chanakya also said they never share their goals and secrets with anyone.

7. Choose wrong people. 

A study has shown that maximum people remain blocked in smoking habits. In this young age they do not have a habit of smoking because they like smoking. Rather, the best must have the habit of this. Since they consider a wrong person as a conscious or subconscious as their hero, perhaps the hero is a goon of a road that that boy considers the school or is a hero of a film. 


that’s why it is better that we consider it our hero who brings us in the right direction and for this we must expose the same content for this. So that the program of our brain should be done in the best way, as books of fantastic people or their company. Only then can we improve. 

So friends, today we saw 7 habits that can ruin our life. 

1. Walking Attitude – In which we saw the story of Napoleon who did not walk with Attitude but always believed in challenging himself, which is why we read his name in history books. 

2. No action, just thinking: in which we saw how much stress level increases just by thinking, so the body also doesn’t recover. 

3. On the run from the fears in this, we saw that when Georges Patton was afraid in a war, he would have repeatedly gone to the war lines to eliminate that fear and inform me so that his fear was over. 

4 worrying too much, in which we saw the story of Joseph as a woman of the journey of a normal train obtained, as their operators did not make tension even for a journey of 2500 km, only the goal is so much since The same is the goal in the face of the accounting used to cover a mile. 

5. Be insecure, in which we have seen that we always think about what people think of us. But if we go to an area full of people, then we will know that nobody is our care, so we should adopt measures of our understanding and not reach social pressure. 

6. Talking about your dreams with people who don’t understand them – Where we have seen that we shouldn’t share our goals with anyone but if we have to then do it with someone who can understand otherwise there will always be negativity. 

7. Wrong Hero- In which we have seen that most of the young people’s lives are ruined because.

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