Motivational Speech In English For Success-Who is responsible for their failures

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Bad Joe, I walked, bad Na Milia Koy. 

The heart that your heart has found, I don’t care. 


Who is responsible for their failures, their parents, of everything they want, their children should illuminate a lot, but the parents never want their children to risk anyone in the world. 


Indian parents want their children to remain inside the house all day and do something that is their name all over the world or in our educational system that Lord Macaul has in 1835, so it was built to be Able to slave in some way, it could make us follow everything and not to give an idea and today it was the same. 


every time we receive some news about WhatsApp, or false, we start to forward it without thinking without putting our minds because the educational system has not taught us something similar to the car -a conversation 



Our educational system teaches us to the history of studies and not to the history of history and the greatest pain is that the educational system in which we study every day, but our national anthem, which is the heart of the world, is the heart of people. We sing it, but many Indians do not know their disappointment or are responsible, if a young government comes out to work a government work, then she must relate to millions of young people like him to get that job. 


Suppose that all this is responsible for their failure, but even after keeping them for many years, it will not be successful, it will not be able to be successful. What errors are the young people who make these errors from 15 to 30 years, because our young people cannot be successful even after 72 years, until they recognize their deficiencies and do not improve them, then you cannot grow. 


What is the kamia you have to improve today?

1.Techonology wrong use. 

The first thing that is ruining your life. Today, each person spends more time with his phone than his wife, his children, whether or not, continues to watch his phone during the day. What’s like this in this phone, every human phone has 5 to 6 of these applications in which they are involved during the day, open them every time, then open them, open it, then it opens it and then they stop it very well . It is known that this is wasting a lot of his time, but even after he continues to do so. 


2. Report of youth 

The second main reason is that the relationship between today’s young people who change many times like the season. Previously they are concerned that there is no one in our life, when someone comes, so they are angry for the reason why he arrived and when he leaves him and then he is angry for the fact that he deceived us and this deception emerges from this deception. But it ruins many years of his life. In the Babu process, Life, sleep, they forget that even more important in his life, they promise that they will remain with each other, but then both will remain with each other, nor this time they will remain with them. 


 3. Lack of innovation. 

The third most important reason is the absence of innovation in our thoughts. Today the Indians say a lot and we should also be that our beautiful Pichai is CEO of Google, Satya is CEO of Nadella Microsoft, Indra is CEO of us Pepsi and many of these Indians are very good for foreign societies. But today we and our country must do such companies instead of doing such companies 


companies should be maintained. 

but also after creating a large company like Flipkart and Paytm in our country, we have given properties to foreign companies, if we focus that it is better that becoming a great servant who we become a small owner can do good for you and yours village. Even after knowing our mistakes, the job will not be done until we correct those errors.

4. Have faith in proving it by doing.

Always remember my point that this world is less heard and more visible, so instead of speaking, you should be confident in showing. Many times you get angry with your family because they don’t listen to you. For years, you talk about it, I will do it but you have not shown them. The day he will show and show them, but not only the family, the whole world will listen to it.

5. Experience with yourself.
you have to experiment with you, the world certainly says that a goal is made and show it by reaching it. But before establishing this goal, you have to experiment with you several times. Like Hussain Bolt, he was an excellent cricket player, but recognized his talent and became the fastest corridor in the world. Mahendra Singh Dhoni who used to play very well in football before, but he recognized himself e

becomes the best captain of the Indian team.
you also have to experiment with you and then go on. Now in this experiment, he will fall many times, people will call him badly, his teasing will say that he is not their bus, but never gives up, but never gives up their mistakes, he knows them to fix them and advance in life.

Even in the trip, we explained that we just have to make karma in our hands, the right to fruit is not in our hands. God will give us, a good result of good works and bad fruits of bad actions, you should always be ready for this, I hope you understand my words.

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