Nancy Pelosi's net worth shows $140M increase since 2008: report
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Nancy Pelosi's net worth shows $140M increase since 2008: report

Nancy Pelosi's net worth shows $140M increase since 2008: reportFOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, WSJ assistant editorial page editor James Freeman, Strategic Wealth Partners CEO Mark Tepper and ‘Fox & Friends First’ co-host Todd Piro discuss House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hefty net worth and her husband, Paul Pelosi.

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  1. When it comes to "mis-begotten" gains, as her partner in crime, Don I mean Joe Corleone, I mean Joe Biden, calls them, she is the Queen. Although unlike Hillary I don't think she's had anyone killed. Remember Seth rich? Remember Vince Foster? And so many others going back to their days in Arkansas.

  2. How is it she making so much money and she wanted to have trump bank accounts investigated i think she should be investigated her and her husband its just more of our top polatitions that are corrupt they want to send the IRS on us regular citizens while there getting away with stealing for us

  3. Clinton's Barry Bush biden > all got rich. ☆ only 1 went in a legit Billionaire who gave his salary to military families. Yet they leaked illegally bull taxes! Civil servants should have to be extremely transparent with income. We're paying them and I know their salary is no where near what they are collecting

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