Net Worth Calculation for Financial Independence
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Net Worth Calculation for Financial Independence

Net Worth Calculation for Financial IndependenceIn today’s video, we talk about why we use the Net Worth Calculation for Financial Independence. If you are new to our channel, are sharing our plan to retire early in 2024, which includes tracking the Net Worth Calculation. This video is all about our plan to Retire Early, our Financial Independence Journey and especially the Net Worth Calculation Formula for Financial Independence.

Do you know what is The Net Worth Calculation Formula and the importance of Net Worth Calculation for Financial Independence? We will discuss the Net Worth calculation, Net Worth meaning, and the Net Worth Formula using our own numbers to achieve Financial Independence and Retire Early.

🔥 Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) Resources
►Start your Journey to Financial Independence by opening an account with Wealthsimple trade:
►Financial Independence Books:

💰 Our Net Worth Calculation Spreadsheet
►Download the FREE Net Worth Calculation Spreadsheet. Actually, this is the spreadsheet we use to calculate the Net Worth:

🙏 We are grateful to be part of YOUR Financial Independence Journey!


00:00 Net Worth Calculation for Financial Independence
00:15 Financial Independence in Canada
03:00 Our Assets for Financial Independence
06:10 Our Liabilities for Financial Independence
08:59 Financial Summary for Financial Independence
15:00 Our Why for Financial Independence

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