Net Worth Update | December 2022 Net Worth Tracker
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Net Worth Update | December 2022 Net Worth Tracker

Net Worth Update | December 2022 Net Worth TrackerIt’s been about 4-5 months since I last did a net worth update, so it’s about time 🙂 Going through my assets and liabilities at 30 years old. Please do listen at the beginning as I talk through the rationale of taking out a commercial loan! 💎 ALL my FREEBIES and REFERRALS including FREE SHARES:

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  1. Congrats on your net worth, I’ve followed your journey and you deserve it, you’ve worked really hard to get there! Yes pls continue to make these, they are interesting and inspiring 😊 but why are you thinking about closing your Ltd Co so soon? Just personally interested as im sort of half in and out with Ltd co too so I might learn something from your experience so if you made a video about that , that would be great! Keep up the great work! Xx

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks very much for the update on your Net worth.
    Personally speaking, I am not a fan of taking up loans, but as you well pointed out, if it is for the construction of a house, that's okay, as long as you can repay of course. And in your situation you're fine 😉.
    Have a great week and don't stress too much about the slowness of the construction. You will get there 😁

    Have a great week and Merry Christmas to you and your family 🥂

  3. good update video! I think its refreshing and in some ways reassuring for people to realise that at the moment no one is really untouchable form the ways the worlds economic situation is and that we've all had to make changes, or do things that under any other circumstance wouldn't want to do (like take out loans etc). I've also had to take time out of investing etc and build a bigger cash buffer/emergency fund. Although it's frustrating i'd rather take a year to do that and know I've got the safety blanket, and in the long term know that it's really not going to affect my investments massively.

  4. Thanks for the video.

    I am selling a buy to let and paid for the kitchen with a 0% per cent credit card, rather than deplete a stocks and shares ISA, so not to dissimilar form you.

    Just a thought if corporation tx is going up from 6 April 23, then the company would get more tax relief on pension contributions delayed until after 5 April 2023.

    On a different note, did you once recommend a side hustle of user testing websites? If so, could you remind me of the website to go to to learn more?

  5. Loved it!! Do keep making these on a monthly basis. It's so encouraging to see progress. And thanks for the transparency about the loan. It makes sense and I would've done the same. Im sure it wasn't an easy decision, even though, at the end of the day, you know best what's best for you right now. You will pay it back in no time and will be able to enjoy moving into your home sooner rather than later ❤️

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