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OFFICIAL FINAL NEW TEASER TRAILER TV SPOT! “Dinosaurs Are Scary” – 65 MovieThe FINAL TV Spot for the upcoming Adam Driver Dinosaur Move “65” has just released! The movie will be in cinemas TOMORROW!

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  1. “Dinosaurs are scary” Dude I swear to God people actually think Dinosaurs are monsters like this movie disrespected Dinosaurs so badly that now kids and other people are going to see them as evil animals that only had one purpose which was to kill but they animals not evil monsters like they had no herbivores in this movie clearly showing that these people are pure Dino haters

  2. I just saw it today. No spoilers or anything but they did go full blown fantasy with it, which is good imo. It's different, they definitely wanted to make it clear to us it's different, it's fun, and can be a little heart wrenching. I like it for what it is, a fun action packed fantasy scifi movie. I know a lot wanted feathered dinos but again this was fantasy, not to be taken realistically. Plus I'm sorry to my fellow dino nerds but the general audience don't wanna see giant feathered creatures, it doesn't look intimidating. That's why the reptilian look is a good go-to. Honestly I'd rather have it that way in these movies too, if I want feathered dinosaurs I'd go watch a documentary. That's just my opinion, please don't tear me apart, lord knows if I said this on Twitter they would lol.

  3. the movie was awesome… I don't really mind the designs but I understand why people would be upset. But honestly it fits with the style of the movie it's self. The rumor of the dinosaurs being in it for only 5 min is incorrect. More like 30 ish Maybe more tbh… But honestly it was amazing!!!! I hate to say this but it was actually alot better than Jurassic World Dominion….

  4. This movie is gonna be crap and I was right! Had a look at the Rotten Tomatoes and it’s had a rotten splat! I haven’t seen it yet but I will probably watch it and criticise it. What happened to the days of Jurassic Park, when they cared about accuracy and portraying their dinosaurs like animals.

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Win iPhone 14 100% Free 🤩🤩

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