Oscar Awards 2023:- Ram Charan and Junior NTR declined the opportunity to dance to the Natu Natu Song…….

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Ram Charan and Jr NTR were given the opportunity to perform Natu Natu at the recently concluded Oscars, but they reportedly declined it.

Expectations were high among the fans of Jr NTR and Ram Charan that the RRR stars would set the stage on fire with their performance on the song “Naatu Naatu” at the 95th Academy Awards. However, to everyone’s disappointment, the actors did not join singers Kaala Bhairava and Rahul Sipligunj on stage, who performed the song with Lauren Gottlieb and other American dancers. It has now been disclosed that Tarak and Ram were approached for the performance but they eventually decided not to go ahead with it.

According to Oscars producer Raj Kapoor, Ram Charan and Jr NTR declined the offer to perform the hit song due to insufficient rehearsal time. Kapoor stated, “Initially, the two actors were supposed to be the center of attention in the performance, alongside singers Rahul Sipligunj and Kaala Bhairava. The show played a critical role in obtaining work visas for their team to come to the United States to participate in the performance.

Raj Kapoor, while informing the Academy, said that Ram Charan and N.T. Rama Rao Jr. were invited to perform at the Oscars, but they did not feel comfortable doing the live number. “The change was due to their other professional commitments and the limited time for rehearsals,” he added. The schedule of their upcoming film also played an important role in their decision-making.

According to him, the original performance was practiced and refined for two months, and then filmed over the course of 15 days. However, the Naatu Naatu performance for the Oscars was prepared in Los Angeles, with the help of professional dancers during a total of 18 hours of rehearsals and one 90-minute camera blocking session.

Even though it would have been delightful to see Ram Charan and Jr NTR perform alongside Kaala Bhairava and Rahul Sipligunj, the singers still managed to rock the stage. The duo delivered an impactful performance that garnered them a standing ovation.

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