PETER PAN & WENDY Official Trailer (2023)

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PETER PAN & WENDY Official Trailer (2023)Live-action adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale of a boy who wouldn’t grow up and recruits three young siblings in London to join him on a magical adventure to the enchanted Neverland island.

PETER PAN & WENDY Official Trailer (2023)
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  1. I don't care about them race/gender swapping fantasy characters. A fairy can be any race or gender. I care about the storyline. Is it good? This is an adaptation, so a few creative differences should be expected. I'm not toxic, angry or a sociopath. I'm just a fan of great movies. The race and gender swaps don't trigger me. I'd like Wendy's guardians to be gay, interracial (Chinese and Scottish), Mormons, vegan and republicans.

  2. STOP WITH THE GENDER AND RACE SWAPPING!!! I'm all for diversity, but if you want diversity, then write new stories with diverse characters, stop bastardizing established characters and stories!!! This is utter garbage and my family will not be funding/voting for this with our money or streaming minutes.
    Interesting we cannot see the "Dislike" count.

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