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Prey | Official Trailer | HuluIt lives to hunt. #Prey is now streaming on Hulu.


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  1. I was bored and out of things to watch so I went in with low expectations. Wow! What a pleasant surprise. I thought the idea of bows and arrows against a Predator was ludicrous but it was smartly written. The bear vs. Predator fight was sick. I love the beauty of the Native American culture and their respect for nature/combat. It’s the heart of the movie. Amber Midthunder is AMAZING as Naru. Trust me, I never thought she could pull it off watching the trailers because I had a tough time accepting how it could be plausible, but they more than pulled it off. She is fantastic, and if you think this is gonna be woke and decided to pass, you’re missing the best Predator since the original. Naru is to Prey, as Ripley is to Aliens, in my humble opinion. Both fantastic female leads!

  2. Underated predator movie. The design of more 'ancient' predator is what gets me, not too over powered but not too lacking. It Hits the spot. Since the predators are known to adapt, and hunt, the characters in the movie themselves show how they can adapt and hunt too. Such a beautiful representation of human born to be hunters vs. alien hunters. And…

    Does anyone notice the end of the movie where.. spoiler alert

    The end, it shows the drawing animation of an oncoming spaceship? I hope there's a sequel to this.

  3. Don't waste your time. It's the same movie as all the rest, except this time a 90 pound female plays Arnold's role. Predator is a super simp who gets bested by a little girl🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bad acting, terrible cgi, no art, zero nuance, just woke dumbness.

  4. Was decent… wish they had og orchestra music, delete the whole section with the lion, extend the duration of the hunting party being picked off one at a time, making a stand and tracking/encircling predator native way… pan camera up facing down as they’re silently moving through woods to track/attack predator with og predator orchestra… woulda been cool

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