Priscilla Presley Opens Up About Her Relationship With Elvis | The Jonathan Ross Show

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Priscilla Presley Opens Up About Her Relationship With Elvis | The Jonathan Ross ShowHe’s one of the most talked about artists of all time, and joining Jonathan on the couch to share details of their relationship is none other than Priscilla Presley.

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Original Broadcast Date: 31 October 2015
Season 9, Epsiode 3

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  1. Heureusement que c’est à Priscilla qu’est revenu l’énorme charge de préserver GRACELAND et la mémoire d’Elvis en attendant la majorité de leur fille. Cette dernière n’a pas pu ou n’a pas su gérer aussi bien et a vécu toute sa vie au-dessus de ses moyens en dilapidant une fortune qu’elle n’avait ni gagnée ni fait fructifié comme sa mère a su le faire au décès son ex mari. Elle n’avait pas moins de talent que certaines autres interprètes mais être le seul enfant d’E.P. n’a pas dû être simple surtout entre 20/30 ans ou nous espérons tous nous réaliser en trouvant notre chemin et en étant reconnu pour nous même. Heureusement, elle a pu et su trouver au moins un mari et père convenable à défaut des trois autres qui sont tous dans leur genre « LIMITES ». J’espère que la suite avec l’aînée de ses petites filles va s’arranger pour elles, bien sûr, mais aussi et surtout pour nous, les fans du monde entier.❤️🐅❤️TLC🇫🇷💙🇺🇦

  2. I think the issue Priscilla has about the Estate Trust is all about making sure Elvis’s legacy is handled well ~ Not about wanting money. She reacted so quickly and decisively to maintain some control because – I sense – she is devoted to making sure Graceland and Elvis’ legacy will be beautifully preserved.

  3. Just DAMN. My mother-language isnt't even english and I feel you are just pushing her. Ofc we are curious, everyone is. But just let her keep her personal and privacy with Elvis be. Feels like he is just repeting himself for 3 questions in a row. Yeah, she's there for an interview, everone knows Elvis had issues of different kind. But if she doesn't wanna invite to personal questions like Elvis last days and his issues, just let it BE.


  4. She would have aged beautifully like Jessica Lange. Ugh that FACE. No hunny!!! When you squint and blur your eyes she actually does look 30 but then you use your instincts and clearer vision and you can clock her age – isnt that strange? You get the same vibe with Madonna- they look like old women that had face transplants with 15 year olds. It just looks crazy to have a wise older soul with extreme unnatural forced youth.

  5. devorcedwife Priscilla Boryu appearance only
    inside cold egoistic vain empty greedy stingy shamless haughty
    thisoldwoman is not humble.
    Priscilla Boryu runaway with man.they getaway Lisa(9years)for their hostage.theirpurpose was Elvis' that time this family broke.
    Priscilla Boryu made Lisa and Elvis unhappy
    Priscilla Boryu killed Lisa and Elvis.

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