Real life motivational story in english-Story of two friends

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 Real life motivational story in english-Story of two friends

Motivational story: two friends lived in a city. One day, both friends went to collect shells at sea to be able to sell some capital to sell those numbers. 

Both friends were collecting bullets, when the first friend saw a great carcolo and saw that he came to mind to the other friend that the man got a great carcolo, now he will earn me more money. 

So he thought that now I will also find a larger snail than this so that he could earn even more money, so he started looking at Caracola Circle that would have collected all the small snails and launched all those rusts of caracola because in his intentions that It was a great snail that I want that great snail in any case so you can earn a little more money. 

was in the afternoon in search of that great caracola, it was not a large snail and rather obtained the amount of a small snail he got and the first friend he had a friend had a large snail and a small snail.

was at night and both began to return home, then the first friend who was the first friend while he returned home he sold his caracolo, then he got 1000 rupees and the little snail he had with him, he got it. Knowing 3000 thousand rupees and knowing that the other friend was very sad because he did not launch those small shell shells, otherwise, I would have earned even more. 

his friends told him that he had thrown the small shells, nor did I take it with me and for him I got 3000 rupees and knowing that that other friend was even more disappointed. 

My goal of telling this story is very clear that we lose many small opportunities in the process of doing great things. 

We also ignore many small things in our daily life, but you should know that these little things continue and take on a very large form. Go further, you will know its importance. 

I’m not even saying that you think small and that you make small, I mean that you think big, but do the whole little one to achieve your goal. 

The goal of both friends was the same, it was money, but the first friend concentrated on the old man and also concentrated on the young and the other friend was concentrated only on the old man, but he ignored the little things and where he was They should have been received more money, he did not get a single rupe. 

In the end, I would just like to say that small changes are part of the great success. For other stories of this type, you can enter the fire of motivation.

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