Rekha Married 5 Times In Her Life | Rekha's Most Controversial Love Affairs | Top 5

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Rekha Married 5 Times In Her Life | Rekha's Most Controversial Love Affairs | Top 5Rekha : the gorgeous queen who ruled hearts with her beauty and acting skills is a true inspiration to all. But however her love life was always in news. She was linked with many and many of her secret marriages rumors also sparked ways. Whatever headlines she made, it was always left in a mystery. So today have a look at Rekha’s love journey.

1. Vinod Mehra : Rekha finally found her first true love in Vinod Mehra who loved her not for her stardom. The inseparable couple were going really strong till Vinod’s mother did not approve of the relationship . But it is said hat they married nad when they went home, Vinod’s mother tried to hit her with her sandals. And due to this he Vinod broke up with Rekha leaving her all alone. But it was rumoured that Rekha used to hang out with Yash Kohli in his absence and this made him ditch her.

2. Yash Kohli : Yash Kohli Rekha who was rumoured to be secretly married to Vinod Mehra was completely shattered after her break up with the man who loved her truly. It was reported that Bollywood producer Yash who was the nephew of Dev Anand married Rekha and brought stability in her life. But they filed for divorce and separated.

3. Sanjay Dutt and Rekha: It is said that Sanjay dutt and Rekha started dating each other when they were doing the film Zameen Aasmaan. After that it was heard that both of them tied knots secretly. Though both of them denied this, it was a very visible lie.

4. Amitabh Bachchan This was one of the most controversial and talked about love affairs of Rekha. Even today, whenever they cross by each other, it causes a spark. Amitabh and Rekha fell in love while shooting for Do Anjaane and this relationship changed the life of Rekha completely. Amitabh was married and after 3 years, he fell in love the South Indian beauty. But, she didn’t wanted to be called the second woman, so it ended. But rumors say that both of them tied knots secretly and that Rekha used to wear sindhoor on her forehead.

5. Mukesh Aggarwal : She was seen in movies that seemed borderline racy and her personal life seemed more tightly wrapped around layers of mystique. Then Rekha was introduced to a Delhi-based businessman Mukesh Aggarwal by designer Bina Ramani. The first meeting had more of an impact on Mukesh than Rekha and he was left dumbfounded by her beauty and charisma. It was not very long that he proposed to Rekha, who is said to have been looking for an escape into a comfortable oblivion. She said ‘yes’ with alacrity; Rekha’s marriage to Mukesh went through, and soon enough Rekha was sporting the title of Mrs. Aggarwal. But unfortunately after one year he committed suicide and that is another mystery case in Rekha’s life.

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  1. I wonder who gives you this news… Will this tarnish her image…. No ways!!!
    She has proved her mettle in many ways n stood against all trials n tribulations… Always smiling… Tats the sign of a true winner… She knows Wat she is n does not have to give any explanation to any one…
    Kudos to her!!! Love Her 😍😍

  2. First of all it's stupid report. Then, I felt like correcting at least pronounciation of one beautiful word that some of these reporters are killing (I know it's not our natural language but when you all come out report, must do pronounciation checks). "Charisma" is to be pronounced "Karisma". Please.

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