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Saanvi Malu is a Delhi-based lifestyle influencer and did makeup for various celebrities. She is the second wife of Vikas Malu. In March 2023, she filed a complaint against her husband claiming her involvement in the murder of the Bollywood actor Satish Kaushik.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 6″

Weight (approx.): 55 kg

Hair Colour: Medium Ash Blonde

Eye Colour: Moss Green

Saanvi Malu


  • A designed tattoo on her left foot
    Saanvi Malu's tattoo on her left footSaanvi Malu's tattoo on her left foot

    Saanvi Malu’s tattoo on her left foot

  • A ”Shukrana Guruji’ themed tattoo on her right forearm
    Saanvi Malu's tattoo on her right forearm

    Saanvi Malu’s tattoo on her right forearm


Parents & Siblings

She has a sister named Hina Madan.

Saanvi Malu with her sister

Saanvi Malu with her sister


She got married to Vikas Malu, the chairman of Kuber Group on 7 May 2019.

Vikas Malu with Saanvi Malu

Vikas Malu with Saanvi Malu


Row with Vikas Malu and his son

In 2022, Saanvi Malu filed a case against her husband, Vikas Malu, for raping her and forcing her to get married. She further alleged that after her marriage, Vikas Malu’s son, who was a juvenile at that time, started raping her. In an interview, she talked about it and said,

I had earlier registered a complaint against Vikas Malu. Firstly, Vikas raped me, and then forcefully got married to me. After marriage, even his son started raping me. This was completely unbearable for me, and I left his house in October 2022.” 

She also claimed that her husband has relations with the underworld Dawood Ibrahim. However, Vineet Malu, son of Vikas Malu’s first wife, later filed an FIR against Saanvi Malu, under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act.

Filed murder case against Vikas Malu 

In March 2023, Saanvi Malu filed a complaint against her estranged husband, Vikas Malu for conspiring the murder of the Bollywood actor and filmmaker Satish Kaushik. In an interview, she revealed that on 23 August 2022, her husband had a dispute with Satish Kaushik over an amount of Rs 15 Crore, which Malu borrowed from Satish Kaushik for investing in his business. She said when she asked her husband about the matter, he said that he didn’t want to return the money as he lost it in the COVID-19 pandemic and to get rid of repaying, he will kill Satish Kaushik with the help of some pills. She also claimed that after the death of the actor, some objectional medicines were recovered from Malu’s farmhouse where Satish Kaushik attended the Holi party and fell sick. However, Vikas Malu refused the allegations and called Saanvi’s statement foul play. In an interview, he asserted that he had no business deals with Satish Kaushik ever. He said,

Police and government are there and if I’m wrong then I’m ready to face anything. Her allegations are wrong or else she should show proof. I had only family relations with Satish Kaushik, I was not involved with him in any business.”

On Saanvi’s complaint against Vikas Malu, Satish Kaushik’s wife, Shashi Kaushik, responded and called Saanvi’s statement regarding the financial transaction between Satish Kaushik and Vikas Malu ‘baseless.’ Speaking on behalf of Vikas Malu in an interview, Shashi Kaushik, said that her husband’s post-mortem reports confirm that there were no drugs found in his samples and it was a natural death. In the interview, she said that Saanvi Malu is using Satish Kaushik’s name for her own sake. She said,

I do not understand why she is trying to defame my husband after his demise. She has some agenda, maybe because she wants money from her husband and she is now involving Satish into this.”


  • Her real name is Saanvi Madan.
  • She pursued B.Tech in Information Technology.
  • She loves to dance in her leisure time
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