She’s America’s Highest Paid (Legal) Sex Worker

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She’s America’s Highest Paid (Legal) Sex WorkerChicken Ranch in Nevada is one of the few licensed brothels in the country. It is also where Alice Little, the most successful legal sex worker in the United States works.

Brut reporter Léo Hamelin visited the brothel and interviewed Alice as she went about her day from warming up with a few exercises in the morning to ready with the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ to meet her first client of the day.

For years, Alice has also been a fierce advocate for the rights of her community. In 2018, she was on the frontline of a legal battle against a proposed brothel ban. Since then, she’s been actively demanding better living and working conditions for sex workers. And there is a lot more fight left in her.

In a candid interview, Alice talks about how her childhood was free of stigma, her 90-hour work weeks, what she will and won’t do in her job, the fetishes people come to her with, and ultimately, what she loves about her work: the connections she makes with people.

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  1. Like everything else in LIFE, if you don't like it, move on.

    Sex profession has been around for ever and will continue to be.

    Legalizing PROSTITUTION would allow the workers protection, instead of being exploited by pimps, Madames and the police.

    After all their biggest clientele are politicians, lawyers, judges and from every walk of life.


    It's time to wake up

  2. 80-90hr work weeks and she gets 20% after tax cuts and giving 50% to the ranch she works at? And she needs to do weekly std testing and monthly bloods drawn? Tough life, man, fck. It's sad how these ladies are always there to witness and console men in their most vulnerable moments but then get dehumanized right away by the same men. It sounds incredibly emotionally and physically exhausting to commit to such a role. Hope her and her colleagues all the best

  3. Everyone does that and still has relationship Alice you can't have one because unless it's your boss or a guy that don't care or you quite no one will really keep you or be real with you. If you play so will they weather they tell you or not.

  4. Sad people pretending to be happy. Smiling all the time to hide the dark fate.

    You are alone and chained with all options closed for ever. You look at woman with normal lives and wonder why you were denied dignity and love.

    Governments need to be supportive not harass and take away the minor happiness they have.

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