Short motivational story- Importance of time

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Three children lived in a village, Ram, Shyam and Raju’s father were rather rich, the three were childhood. His parents have never ignored any of him. 

Ram’s father was Sarpanch, Shyam’s father was a businessman and Raju’s father was a Zamindar farmer. From an early age, they had all made them to everyone so as not to know the Menhat or worry about time. I often traveled all day all day. 

Drugs and other Bogavilas were immersed in which their village inhabitants were also unhappy. Due to the children of Sarpanch and the elderly people, they could not dare to complain about them, which further increased their morality. 

one day, there was a lot as he walked. The parents were very worried, although the three were dirty, but in these three there was nothing good that no one was identified and was not even known. 

Rama was an excellent opposition leader because he had a lot of knowing as he lived near his father because his father was a Sarpanch. Shyam also understood the activity in this way because his father was a businessman and Raju was an agricultural work since his father was a Zamindar. 

Because of their incorrect work in , not everyone paid attention to these talents, which was their greatest weakness, in this way the father thought he was giving them Sij. 

The three parents spoke and found a solution. The three father gave their work to the respective beto so that they could discover the appreciation of the time. 

The father of the three created a testament in which it was written that in a year these three should have won ten lakh rupees who gained without gathering and the three had to remain in different places. 

These three also received five Lakh rupees so that they have no problems at the beginning of their work, first of all, I was happy to be free and that we got money and thought that they returned for a long time.

The three together eliminated a scheme, RAM started solving the problem of people together with their friends, so he learned the village problems, in the same way, Shyam also learned new ways for the development of the village and Raju He obtained farmers and Raju and Raju have benefited considerably due to the knowledge of the seeds. 

The three together gave their more money in the right place and gave people a new aspect, with their hard work, the people of the village started praising them, their people started to progress. Because of new technologies, they started connecting with all types of people and after a while, his father also forgiven him.

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