Short motivational story in English- how to control your mind

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Baz’s story: there are more than ten thousand birds all over the world. Everyone has the same two claws, two wings and one neck.

But one of these birds is a different identity that flies at a speed of 120 km/h, thousands of meters above the crate of the sky, which fly on the claws even a series of more weight of itself. It goes and that’s why he goes to the king of the birds that we know with the name of the hawk and a hawk reaches such a high position due to his formation and reproach.

If you also want to reach a place in this world, then it is very important to know that the entire journey of a hawk becomes a hawk because even after getting 25 to 30, people are afraid to risk.

But the life of a hawk begins at risk at the rest of the birds learn to make only Chi-Chi, at that age, a female of hawk explodes their children in the claw and flies close to the heaven of the Metro of Hazaro. .

To tell him that your birth of paradise is flying at the top of the tear, your birth will become the king of the fifth.

the female hawk leaves him with his claws, taking the fago on the ground above the ground, and this begins, his high -risk training begins to quickly fall towards the land of chicken, then it is reduced a little, so the His wings begin to open. Start fluttering the wings.

But he has not yet learned to fly, he is just above the ground, it seems that his life will end up in a few seconds, but suddenly an claw leads him to his grip and flies to heaven. His mother happens behind him. Your training continues until you learn to fly.

After such a high formation at risk, this world has a hawk. When all birds look for Axriya during the rain, the same hawk gets up under the same rain, tear the sky and says that you say that you take the year. How much will be and then descends and challenges.

When a hawk is about 70 years old, when he is 40 years old, then a problem arrives in his life, which is your problems

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