Study hard motivation for students-Read in dreams

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Study hard motivation for students(Hard Study Motivation In English For Students)-Read in dreams

I want to perform a mobile phone, I want to chat, I want to fight with gossip with friends, I still think at any time that this study has done, I think I thought about how the best students should have read. As they should have read. As they should have read. As they should have read. As they should have read. Do they carry? So many brands, as their memory is so acute, because someone contributes to 99 % to the student’s examination. 

When you feel you read a lot and your brands are still very rare. What is the answer that makes a topper separate from you? I need the answer for you. What someone else has and you don’t have it, what is the job that a topper can do and you can’t do, what is what you have for birth and never think? 

If you feel like thinking about the depths, you will get many answers, first of all, there is no difference in you and in a topper, even your physical organs work in the same way that they, your eyes also read 2 A 2. And 8 to 8, sleep also and also a sleeping topper, also use the mobile phone and this also has the same program of studies, time, time and eyes cannot read in the dark like you.

then, what is the difference of difference? There is very little difference, there is a difference in time and priorities, that is, a topper time and priorities knows what or for how long and how long to give. As if I knew I use the mobile phone, I will distract myself for my work. So first I will manage that important job and check the message of mobile later. 

There is no fire, your dreams are the first and that is the second that separates a topper from you. His goal is only to read, play, bring brands, while the purpose of a topper is never reading, his purpose is something else. 

Education is only a means that makes it worthy of reaching his destination, so he does not sleep while the law because you know you are not just studying to read, but to do an excellent job, you are studying to make you do your name . And the same gives him strength. 

What is the difference in a topper and an average student, the Mopper Mai Ruth, does it include concepts like the concept? 

the fan that is performing you, sometimes after cutting the electricity, you have noticed that after how many seconds they stop and you have tried to know that if you stop at the average speed of the regulator, then how much it will keep in a few seconds. 

Have you ever tried how many times they move in a second light in your room? If it has been found, the response of energy consumption in the exam will never be wrong. 


This is the difference in an average and that reads for some purpose of life because knowledge will disappear as soon as it goes to the next class, but the learning learned is very useful in life and everyone remembers the night in which you have sacrificed reading will surely pay Your debt. Keep a little patience, keep your hard work and your victory will be resolved.

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