Super Mario Bros “Mushroom Kingdom” Clip LOOKS AMAZING – Can This Movie Hit $1B?!

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Super Mario Bros “Mushroom Kingdom” Clip LOOKS AMAZING – Can This Movie Hit $1B?!🔔 BECOME A GEEKS + GAMERS PREMIUM MEMBER HERE:

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  1. Yo Jeremy! Have you seen the Super Mario Bros trailer with ORIGINAL voices/sounds??
    The YouTuber 'King Bob Gaming' did that. It's sooo much better. If you love the canon Mario, like I do, you will love it. He also REMADE the trailer in N64-format (with original voices/sounds), an it's INCREDIBE!!!! It gave me goosebumps, would love the whole movie like that🥰 Go watch it, it needs WAY more love than it got!!!

  2. I am a little concerned that this movie is going to turn out like Scoob. Soon as I saw donkey Kong who I know is in the original Mario, I immediately remembered when they tried to cram mystery Incorporated dick dastardly the blue falcon and Dino dog and Captain caveman into one movie. It seems like they’re trying to start a Nintendo cinematic universe too soon. We need a super Mario brothers, a sequel, Luigis mansion, super Mario Galaxy, Zelda donkey Kong in phase one before we do something with everybody has a big smash Bros team up. Know what I mean?

  3. I was worried when it was announced Illumination would be making this movie because of how crappy their previous movies have all looked.

    Especially since they're whole business plan is to make low budget cheap films that try to look like big budget movies and get big profits.

    But this looks pretty good.

  4. I think this movie is going to make I billion and beyond, not just with Box office sales, but I'm predicting their money in DVD, Blu-ray and Digital are going to hit that 1 Billion mark, along with the Movie Merchandise they will be coming out with. I can see them coming out with a Mario rag doll or 3D figure that looks like this movie Mario. And hey, I can see them doing "The Super Mario Bros Movie" game for the Switch.

    There are so many things they could do, once this comes out and generates Billions of dollars. This movie is going to pave the way for a Smash Bros' Movie, Legend of Zelda movie, etc. So many great video game based movie possibilities and I'm confident we're going to get all of those movies and more!

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