The highest-paid footballers in the world | Cristiano Ronaldo | Lionel Messi | Kylian Mbappe

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The highest-paid footballers in the world | Cristiano Ronaldo | Lionel Messi | Kylian MbappeThese are the highest paid footballers in the world, in 2023.
Cristiano Ronaldo. 208.6 million dollars at Al Nassr. 74.6 million salary plus 133.84 million from endorsements.
Kylian Mbappe. He makes 125 million dollars at PSG every year. 105 million salary, 20 million as endorsements money.
Lionel Messi. 110 million dollars at PSG. 62 million yearly salary, with 48 million from endorsements.
Neymar earns 91 million dollars. 56 million for salary and 35 million as endorsements money.
Mohamed Salah at Liverpool is making 39.5 million dollars. 24.5 million as salary, with 15 million from endorsements.
Eden Hazard at Real Madrid. 31.1 million dollars. 28.6 million as salary, 2.5 million as endorsements money.
Andres Iniesta at Vissel Kobe, far away in Japan makes 30 million dollars per year. 23 million salary, 7 million from endorsements.
Raheem Sterling makes 29.4 million dollars at Chelsea FC. 21.4 million as salary, 8 million as endorsements money.
Kevin De Bruyne makes 29 million at Citi. 25.5 million salary, 3.5 million endorsements.
Antoine Griezmann’s Atletico salary is 22 million dollars, plus 5.5 million of endorsements money.
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