The Highest Paid Remote Cyber Security Jobs #shorts #cybersecurity

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The Highest Paid Remote Cyber Security Jobs #shorts #cybersecurityHere’s a list of the highest paying remote jobs in cyber security, which are you most interested in? #shorts #cybersecurity #infosec #womenintech

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  1. Hopefully you don't take this incorrectly would you ever in such a busy life be able to mentor some one . I really want to talk and expand this idea I have bit I don't want to say it to just anyone and get scammed I've been hurt enough it's crazy because I know I have the will power to be very successful I just need some one to trust.

  2. A lot people in the industry recommend applying for SOC positions for people starting off in the industry. This position is where I am most likely heading towards. Although I like Pentesting, I still need more time learning Kali and want to eventually move into the offense side of things after I gain some experience in the industry first.

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