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The Truth on Kody Brown's Net Worth

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The Truth on Kody Brown's Net WorthKody Brown acts like he has basically $0 to his name after Christine leaving him… But he might be holding back some important details. Here’s the truth.

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  1. you ae forgetting something major. Kody does not support his family. The first 3 wives have always provided for the children. Christine had to pay the health insurance for her children, as did Janelle. Yet, Mari divorced Kody so he could provide money for health insurance for 3 children who were not his. I think that Kody and Trump are from the same cloth.. they are both lying cheating criminals.

  2. I'm happy his family life if breaking down.You think you can marry all them women and be happy,bollox.The 1st episode of the false show i watched i hoped it would fail.Its dirty and it's wrong.All on every level because no man should have more than one wife.It was a fcuk up waiting to happen.And this proves what goes around comes around.When s man marries a woman.Not women a woman.They become one.God Bless all involved.Right or wrong it's in his, God's hands.

  3. Who knows what is going on financially except we do know that at one time they didn’t even have health insurance. I wouldn’t be surprised that cash flow is a real problem. I’ve always wondered what does Kody do? Doesn’t appear to work at anything steady.
    By the way Gwendolyn just confirmed that Janelle has also left Kody.

  4. It was obvious that when he meets Robyn that it was going to change the family dynamic and Jenelle even said this in one of the earlier seasons. If he wanted to be with just her, he should have cut the other ones loose, but if you think about it we really don't know what actually goes on behind the scenes. We do not know if they all really hate each other and are just playing along to keep the fiancés going but I have seen Meri, Jenelle, and Christine branch out and do their own thing to make their own money to support their families while Robyn pops out babies, sits at home and can't watch her kids without the help of the nanny. But who am I to judge this is their life and they choose to do things the way they want too.

  5. I watched the show for a time but I became totally disappointed with the show due to Kody & his weird behavior. He clearly doesn't treat his children fairly & any wife that has minor children should sue him for child support. Many of his kids are going to need mental health treatment both minor & adult children & he should contribute to their necessary treatment. His weird & often foolish decisions have impacted the entire family & he is a narcissist only wanting this large family to benefit himself but he must be responsible for the results that have occurred.

  6. He is a person who does not tell the truth . Nobody that I know of or have heard of gets $200 an hour for anything. So where does he actually get$200 an hour . I was raised in a family of hunters on both sides of family and people who sell guns don't make $200 an hour . A week maybe or a very slight chance a day . But not an hour. Even though finances these days are different being prices are higher . It still does not add up to $200 an hour. So.

  7. Robyn is the ONLY wife not working. Christine is his ex but she does some sales stuff… Meri sells stuff and owns a profitable inn, Janelle sells stuff and owns a gym. I am not sure what else Janelle does… but she likes to really hustle and appears to be a motivated worker. Something you missed… coyote pass went up in value and about doubled in value. I do understand why Robyn does need help tho. Her house is BIG. It takes a LOT of work to maintain a house that big.

  8. Robyn acts like she is hurt over the sister wives situation. I don't believe it for a moment, She wants him all to herself and she acts like she has a lot of kids to care for but 2 of them are older and she does not work and plenty of people in her situation take care of their own children. She is just spoiled and gets what she wants. Mary and Janelle are naive to stay because he just wants their money. He is a jerk. They all need to leave.

  9. I think Cody would never have another wife. He can't or won't take care of his current wives and no woman would be that desperate to join a dysfunctional family. I think he and Robin will sell her mansion, take the profit and live their life together. Meri and Jannelle would be stuck with Cyote Pass unless they can sell their parcels.

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