Top 10 Highest Paid Doctor Specialties #SHORTS

Top 10 Highest Paid Doctor Specialties #SHORTS

Top 10 Highest Paid Doctor Specialties #SHORTSThese are the top 10 compensated doctors. First, neurosurgeons. Brain surgeon compensation averages $820,000 per year, but they work long hours and have a challenging lifestyle.

Second, plastic surgery, averaging in at $526,000 per year. If you are in aesthetics, you’ll be making more than if you go into reconstructive surgery.

Third, orthopedic surgery at $511,000 per year. These are the bone doctors, and compensation is generally highest if you specialize in spine.

Fourth, cardiology at $459,000 per year. Unlike the top three, this is a non-surgical specialty, but cardiologists can do fellowships to perform more procedures and boost compensation.

Fifth, urology at $427,000 per year.

Sixth, otolaryngology, also known as ear, nose, throat, or ENT, at $417,000 per year.

Seventh, radiology at $413,000 per year. Eighth, gastroenterology at $406,000 per year. Ninth is dermatology at $394,000 per year, but note they have a relaxed and desirable lifestyle. And tenth is ophthalmology at $379,000 per year.

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  1. Of course d*ck doctors are #5. Where was urogynocology on this list?! Women deal with so many more genital and pelvic problems than men, with the Industry pushing injuries upon us during childbirth in the form of dangerous, unnecessary procedures. And yet here we are.

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