Top 10 Highest Paid Doctor Specialties | Why Are Only Some Physicians Wealthy?

Top 10 Highest Paid Doctor Specialties | Why Are Only Some Physicians Wealthy?

Top 10 Highest Paid Doctor Specialties | Why Are Only Some Physicians Wealthy?Doctors are rich! Right? Well it depends on a few factors, including specialty, location, age, race, and some other variables. In this video, we’ll go over why some doctors and surgeons make more money than others.

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  1. CEO of our local medical center = $2 million; Cleveland clinic = $4 million. One of my oldest friends is a radiologist and he told me that he makes about $2 million (max.). My brother is a cardiologist…busy and works very hard to make $1.8 million (sometimes a little more, it depends). Local endodontist makes about $2 million with virtually no liability, short hours and long vacations. His brother is an orthodontist and makes almost as much. Again, there is NO significant liability and he doesn't have to bother with insurance companies to any significant degree.

  2. I’ve always dreamt of being a cardiologist since my childhood. I lost many family members due to heart diseases and not being able to afford enough health car, made me realise if I were to become a cardiologist I could save many other people’s family members so that they can be alive and enjoy the moments my family members couldn’t.

  3. I saw ophtho at 350k on your chart but (and I dont know if other specialties are like this) I've seen ophthalmologists making around 350k and others making over 3M easily (Lasik, refractive lensectomy) and I would say the majority around in thr range of 400k to 750k.

  4. Private practice is where it is at. I like the business side. I like hiring the staff I want. I love not having an admistrator tell me what emr to use or what equipment to buy. I take less vacation than my employed counterparts. However, I need less vacations because I'm not as stressed. I enjoy going to work and still feel that way after 25 years.

  5. In Bangladesh, MOST of the female "Brilliant Students" are forced to become doctors. Money and fame will come 😇. Your parents will be so proud. You will earn thousands of taka everyday!!

    Hell, bloody hell, I don't wanna be a doctor! I wanna have a masters degree in English literature. But…I can't.

  6. Tbh I have been doing so much research about different types of doctors that I lost track about how much 300, 400 and, 500k a year actually is. I live in a average middle class 900k dollar home now but I spent most of my childhood living in a 200k dollar town home. And the early years of my life living in an apartment. My parents make about 130k each a year. My dream is to either to become a cardiologist or an orthopedic. I am not looking to become a doctor to be incredibly rich with tons of money. I honestly just wanna to live a comfortable higher upper class life. I want to live with my family in house that is maybe 2M+ and 10,000+ sq in the suburbs. Going on vacations is a really important factor to me because growing up I never really got to go on that many vacations. And having decent cars. I know that is a lot to ask for but I am going to work to get it.

  7. I had full academic scholarships for both university and medical school. I was in the top 20 in my class and could’ve selected multiple high paying specialties but I selected pediatrics because that’s what I enjoyed most. I had a wonderful 20 year career in primary care general pediatrics, but when I left pediatrics to join FDA, my starting salary was more than I ever made practicing pediatrics in a metro area on the East Coast. And now I get to help thousands or more patients with my work rather than one patient at a time.

  8. Doctors are underpaid,They are the one who works and spend their time on studying and taking care of other people meanwhile compare to other non proffesional that is not that much worth of big salary. Phliphines nurses and doctors are very underpaid so thats why other licensed filipinos doctor go to abroad and find a good salary to earn some money that they deserve.(not only in phliphines).

  9. I am 13 too because I have so many careers I want to do I am stressing on whether I can decide in a little less then 5 years. I want to be a gynecologist or a neurosurgeon. I am epileptic so I would love to help kids like me and I would love to help families and see them in some of the happiest moments in their life. I have other careers I would love to choose like engineering or becoming a therapist because mental health has always been a topic that fascinates me. I have no clue why I am stressed out when I have like 5 years.

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