Top 10 Highest Paid Nursing Professions

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Top 10 Highest Paid Nursing ProfessionsClick here to see how much money nurses actually make:

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  1. Guys. I started my college career in 2011. I’ve had 2 kids and kept going. One class at a time. Sometimes two. Sometimes three. Paid in cash. Graduated 2018 with my associates of science degree. Last semester I retook Human a&p and I just got my email that I am accepted into the RN program. DO NOT QUIT. HAVE GRIT! Google GRIT. And decide you have GRIT!

  2. I've been a nurse for 24 years. It's been good to me and I still enjoy going to work every day. I had a similar conversation with a coworker who decided being a nurse was an easy way to make money. Number 1… it's NOT easy. Number 2… if you're doing it for the money, it will never be worth it. Nursing is a demanding career and if your heart isn't in it then you'll never get paid enough to make it worthwhile.

  3. It really depends on your location. As a 14-year veteran nurse from Seattle, I work two 12s and make 100k/year.

    Also some of those comparisons are apples and orange comparisons. You can't really compare an NP's salary to a floor nurse… it's literally like comparing a doctor's salary to a nurses salary. So you won't necessarily make more (maybe a little bit) as an ICU vs med/surg nurse or ER or peds nurse. But yes, you will absolutely make more as an NP because of your higher degree. At that level, The department you work in (cardiac, ER, medical, gerentology) will definitely affect your salary. I believe last I checked cardiac NPs were at the top but I could be wrong

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  5. i have to disagree with the order…it should be CRNA (BEST), mental health NP, Family NP, Midwifery, Professor, travel nurse then the rest… adult gerontology or NICU nurse can't make more than NPs… n trust me l have experience in all except CRNA… the rest l have a yr worth of each prior to making my final decision to the best area that will accommodate my family needs.

  6. This video focuses on salary alone. There’s a lot more to nursing than the paycheck. I can tell you it’s not an easy road and you earn every penny. Many new nurses that have started on my floor, recently, can’t believe what’s expected of them and quit within a year, still having college loans to pay. If you’re considering becoming a nurse, try to get permission to follow a nurse for a day to see if it’s for you. A college that does their practicum where I work actually had their students come to the hospital 3pm- 8pm on 4th of July. I guess it’s good to get them used to working holidays from the beginning.

  7. IN South Africa we study psychiatric(mental), the family nurse which we call community and midwifery meaning you graduate in honors and we study it for 4 years then you become an RN AFTER, so I wanted to know if this type of program is available there or not. and what if I decide to come and work there what are the odds with my 3 specialties that i will be employed

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