Top 10 Highest Paid TV Child Actors Of All Time

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Top 10 Highest Paid TV Child Actors Of All TimeThese actors made more during childhood than most adults see in a lifetime. For this list, we’ll be looking at TV actors who were making more money as minors than most adults ever will. Our countdown includes Selena Gomez, Frankie Muniz, Angus T. Jones, and more! What do YOU think of these impressive salaries? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Here’s some more highest paid tv child stars.
    Ron Howard – The Andy Griffith Show
    Christina Applegate – Married With Children
    The Cosby Kids – The Cosby Show
    Ben Savage – Boy Meets World
    Fred Savage – The Wonder Years
    Barry Williams – The Brady Bunch
    Sara Gilbert – Roseanne

  2. I'm assuming the salaries for Selena Gomez (and the sprouse twins) was their starting salary. Because we still find it taboo to talk about money in the context of the workplace it's hard to gather this kind of information, which is exactly why we need to become more comfortable discussing it. Not because we need to be in other people's bank accounts, but so you know that what's in yours is a fair amount.

  3. I want to know how much NPH got paid when he was playing Doogie Howser. And Wow. Just looked him up to see what he was up to following that. On Broadway for numerous shows, a couple of sitcoms, films, and circle that around until HIMYM, keeping in mind that he hosted the Tonys notably in 2010-2013, and just generally is an all around amazing guy. He guest starred on both Quantum Leap (the original) and Glee, which shows you the depth and the number of years he’s been in show biz. It’s remarkable. Bc he still looks fairly young. (I think he has a picture in his attic…) 😂🥰

  4. Miranda Cosgrove being the highest child paying actresses amazing to hear she’s one of my favorite idols. I first got them to her when she did drake and Josh after watching her out of school of rock and at the time and she did iCarly I went for my face of liking her and listening to her music at the same time. I still listen to her music and watch her on iCarly from time to time same with Jennette McCurdy I feel really bad that she was abused for being an actress by her own mother, thankfully since her book makes sense, I’ve been reading it and listening to her narrating it at the same time because amazing if you haven’t, do you have to read it and I still like the same to her music to

  5. Mary Kate and Ashely Olson are my two favorite actresses, because they both play the same roll of Michelle Tanner on Full House. Michelle, DJ, Stephanie, Danny, Joey, Jesse, Becky, Nicky, Alex and Steve are my favorite characters in the sitcom, but NOT Kimmy Gibler, because she picks on DJ's sisters, and I do not want Kimmy to be my sister at all. She is a bully, but still a nice Friend towards DJ Tanner. Sabrina Griffin. I wish there were more episodes and seasons to the original Full House sitcom. Couldn't believe that they would end that series with only eight seasons. I'm very sad.

  6. WOW 😲 Angus T. Jones was A CHILD literally, not like 17.5 yr old child, ACTUAL CHILD. Charlie Sheen is and was an ADULT albeit in crisis.
    What Mr. Jones got paid has NOTHING to do with the other.
    Mr. Jones was subjected to far more than WE will ever understand however, We are at a stage in time where We know, ya know?
    Would you be more sympathetic if he was making less 🤔 🤷 🙄

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