Top 10 Highest Paying Entry Level Warehouse Jobs

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Top 10 Highest Paying Entry Level Warehouse JobsGET YOUR WAREHOUSE GEAR HERE!

In this video you will learn what warehouse jobs are paying the most starting entry level positions.
Warehouse companies are desperate to hire for the holidays and during COVID which is why they have been increasing their hourly pay, adding more benefits, and even up to $3000 sign on bonuses.
I have compiled a Top 10 list of the larger companies who are paying the most as of today.
My sources are from the companies career sites and reputable 3rd party sites like Indeed, Glasdoor, & Paysacale.

0:00 -Intro
0:25 – Highest Paying Entry Level Warehouse Job List
1:14 – #10 Home Depot Warehouse Pay
1:39 – #9 Ikea Warehouse Pay
1:57 – #8 Lowes Warehouse Pay
2:11 – #7 Pepsi Warehouse Pay
2:34 – #6 Walmart Warehouse Pay
2:49 – #5 DHL Warehouse Pay
3:08 – #4 Amazon Warehouse Pay
4:00 – #3 FedEx Warehouse Pay
4:23 – #2 UPS Warehouse Pay
4:34 – #1 Target Warehouse Pay

Companies Career Website Links
Home Depot –
Ikea –
Lowes –
Pepsi –
Walmart –
Amazon –
FedEx –
Target –

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  1. Don’t work for fedex they don’t care about employees bi respect at all package handling pays like 16 hour 30-40k a year do all the work while shit managers make 2x that and don’t do anything at all talk to you like your worthless take that from 3 years being there and won’t even let you move up in the company.

  2. Walmart is the worst to work for but I started working at Walmart in DA receiving at 17.10 per hour in Arizona and within a year I was making 20.55 per hour but it's really not worth it because they treat you with no dignity they expect you to be willing to break your back but if you for any reason can't hit their target numbers they will get rid of you and it doesn't matter how good of shape you are in. What matters is the loads you get. It doesn't matter to them that each truck that comes in may not have even close to the numbers you ate required to get for the day so you can go through an entire load by yourself in half hour to an hour by yourself but then you are stuck waiting for another load to be brought to your dock and you have no control over when that load gets to you but during that down time you are required to go help others with their loads and you get no credit for those packages you are handling during your down time until your next load makes it to dock. Then when you open it its may be another load that either doesn't have hardly any numbers or it could be an entire load of xblock or something that requires quality control to get involved so it eats up time and they blame you I have had entire shipments that looked fine on the outside but once you get into the trailer it's nothing but VCOE's which are vendor corrections of error where you are required to individual photograph packages that are damaged and go through an entire process to document each item damaged but once again they don't count that time as down time. So it's basically very hard to keep a job there no matter how good of shape you are In. I honestly think they do it on purpose because they don't want to be playing you 20+ per hour after a year they would prefer to pay someone else 17 per hour while they train and and get rid of you. You can do your best and be in excellent shape and still end up getting terminated for not Hitting your numbers. Easily .

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