TRANS AFFAIRS to FRAUD DISTURBING TRUTH About Kyle Richards + Mauricio Umansky's TOXIC Marriage!

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TRANS AFFAIRS to FRAUD DISTURBING TRUTH About Kyle Richards + Mauricio Umansky's TOXIC Marriage!Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share this video and channel! #kylerichards #bravotv #rhobh

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  1. This is definitely what Rinna has on Kyle because Kyle knows Rinna will trot that book out just like Caroline Manzo did in season 1 of RHONJ with Danielle Staub. I could see Kathy bringing this up with Rinna in anger and Rinna telling Kyle she can either repeat it or accuse Kathy using racial/gay slurs. Kyle definitely had a heads up. Also, I'm tired of RHOBH cast members creating storylines OFF CAMERA that can't be proven, it's weak and lazy!

  2. I knew when Kim had accused Kyle of stealing her home, that she was telling the truth, especially after seeing Kyle charge at Kim to shut her up and her reaction said it all which is only a fraction of the reason, Kyle's sisters Kim and Kathy have had alot of issues having a healthy, living relationship with their sister because she moves like the passive aggressive, lying, manipulative, narcissistic psychopath, gaslighting snake shes always been yet now, thankfully, others are beginning to realize how vile and evil Kyle is and even in this last season, wanted Kathy taken down by 2 like-minded, evil witches Rinna and Erika, until she realized it'd end up dragging her into it. Kyle loves throwing stones and then hiding her hands as she plays innocent but I saw right through her since day 1 and never understood how or why she'd have fans or friends but of course so do Rinna and Erika.

  3. OMG! This Info is absolutely disgusting! They are all crooks. And if ur married, u can't b n a multiple Partner relationship. It's called cheating! With all the homeless in California, skid row, and these people r walking around looking down their noses??? That's why California will fall into the ocean! This info makes me thankful for my middle class life and 40 year marriage!

  4. Andy, Definitely Needs to Go!!! Too, Bias & Bravo Needs someone to challenge the ladies, Everyone of them, No, favoritism!!! Host that ask the questions, viewers want answered. Change up 1st seat, to person that brought the Most, that Season, Not Andy's Permanent Favorites🙄🤬.

  5. Mo would be Bi, Gay is strictly Dickly, Just saying 😉!!! Mo doing Jungle Fever 2.0 or Worst, because he definitely doesn't care for people of African Descent. Sorry a lot of people do things that look, like they are not. Married Senators with kids Fighting to Pass Anti-Gay Laws, while having Gay rendezvous in restrooms or…

  6. How long will we have to give a disclaimer for stating facts, without it being "offensive"??? Who cares, he's a married man looking for, whatever goodtime he can find. Trans, Man, Woman??? They need to get use to it!!! Not being special, but a "new norm" that you want/demand. Being an African-American you have to learn & solidify a True sense of Self, separate from what society says, does, think about my Race. It's Not Easy & Real Therapy Helps, but this "Special" treatment will end & when it Does, Buckle up, Buttercup!!! POC of this movement Really Enjoying this timeframe, because they know, when "Special" fades, they will just fall back to the norm.

  7. The Agency has over 1500 agents in over 50 offices in several countries. No wonder Umansky doesn’t worry about 45 agents… 😂 maybe you should be the one to go back to math class. It would take all of 30 seconds to verify the correct numbers instead of dredging up article from 2018. 😂😂😂

  8. Just a point about the Agency:Theres NO
    Brokerage in the world that would bring on 110 agents or otherwise
    🤔No Agent would ever sign on to work for them ‘IF’ they knew they brought on 109 others-the chances of them making any sales (therefore commissions) with 100 other agents also working there would be zero -so that didnt happen 😏

  9. I wouldn't trust him. He screwed over the Hilton's who gave him a real estate job. He quits and takes the Hilton employees with him. You don't screw family like that. I wouldn't be surprised. So many people cheat that you wouldn't think would. Him and Kyle are apart a lot. Don't like him.

  10. 🤷‍♀️ who gets away with more fraud than BH’s cast? This is no different from EJ stealing from victims, Mauricio steals from charities, & working realtors & customers. He’s swindled💰 from his real estate agents, just as Farrah suggested on Buying Beverly Hills. He & his vile wife steal, fake robberies. While theses phonies live high off the hog, we watch for entertainment! This is sick! The 1%ers in these franchises, the majority seem fake! Kyle, Rinna, Eryka are huge phonies! They’re bad friends, mothers, wives, & bad soap opera queens!Thanks to Rinna, who brought her fake soap persona to a reality show. 🙄 duh..she’s ruined the entire thing, & Andy doesn’t see what she’s done. Racism running amuck with predatory behavior..why? We don’t know? 🤷‍♀️ She’s unstable, they’re all unstable, but liars & thieves are always unstable. No scruples, no morals. Money is their God🤭
    Plus, the Umansky’s are dirty rotten cheaters, & so is his wife! I could care less but the phoney crap they display is so off, just plain wrong.

  11. RHOBH used to be overall pretty dreamy glamorous experience, while you're watching. Yet many Bravo fans don't watch WWE though. RHOBH needs to channel their glam tea party, n keep the drama down a notch a bit; for the sake that famous franchise to prevail from such social turmoil. While Season 12 was a Bravo n crossover watching, to the mega general public pop culture world; many tuned in just to see the show fall from grace; just in case RHOBH never airs again after the ever scandal as eff, Bravo HR as eff; otherwise known as Season 12.

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