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Tupac Shakur's Net Worth 2020 and Those Who Tried to Claim His Estate

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Tupac Shakur's Net Worth 2020 and Those Who Tried to Claim His EstateTupac Shakur was not only a gifted rapper, he was an actor starring in films like Juice and Poetic Justice.

Despite a successful film career and more than $60 million in album sales, at the time of his death he was reportedly in debt to Death Row Records.
Before his death, 2Pac agreed to a three-album deal with Death Row worth $3.5 million. In exchange, Suge Knight agreed to come up with $1.4 million in bail money.

The contract was handwritten and signed while he was in jail. The lawyer who oversaw the agreement worked for Death Row, so there was a conflict of interest.

Suge Knight also bought Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur a house. At the time of his death, some shocking information was revealed about the state of his finances.

2Pac had barely anything to show for his chart-topping career.

Watch for more on his net worth back then and today in 2020.

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  1. Nice video. Well done for the effort. I think if u make a new one with the recently released news that Pac had signed away alot of shit in order to get bail. Suge didn't pay the money.. interscope put up the money. Pac had is own record label called OUT DA GUTTA RECORDS.. PAC WAS SO CLEVER. He didn't share this with anyone.. paperwork can be referred to in Delray Richardsons ART OF DIALGOUE interviews recently ones where he shows the paperwork.. I was like OMG.. they really fucked Pac.. but Pac knew he was in the red cos he had to pay all that money back to Interscope.

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