US Vs Russia: Will A Drone Crash Lead To A Conflict? | Vantage With Palki Sharma

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US Vs Russia: Will A Drone Crash Lead To A Conflict? | Vantage With Palki SharmaEpisode 35: Vantage With Palki Sharma | US Vs Russia: Will A Drone Crash Lead To A Conflict?

In today’s episode:
– Dangerous Encounter In The Skies
– “Muscovy, Not Russia”
– Taliban Attends “Crash Course” About India
– Europe’s Corruption & Lobbying Culture
– Longest-ever Storm Hits Africa
– China Bribing Away Taiwan’s Allies?
– Used Luxury Watches Beat The Stock Market
– Japan Fires Youtuber MP For Not Working
– Khalistanis Target Indian Consulate In Australia

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  1. We should learn from history but people don't seem to learn instead they are justifying their present action because "this" happened in the past. The very fact that it happened and had been gruesome is a very reason we shouldn't ever allow it.

  2. Dont be so gullible, this woman has promoting against United States since she’s been on the air in her own slight professional narcissistic way. She’s hoping the United States and China or Russia ever wore so Indian Camp Pavel to be the dominant country don’t be fooled you suckers.

  3. Every superpowers wants its influence over other countries and Russia os not an exception. The US, UK and France are doing it. So why not Russia? Like as if only the west have the right to do so? A good journalism if doesn't take side will always come out with a credible and truthful report.

  4. This comments section is so sad, devoid of any ounce of intelligence. Most commentators are simply adoring the news presenter repetitively. There is hardly any discussion about the news covered. The population is so mediocre. It's shameful.

  5. The raptor drone was dropped by Sukhoi before the eyes of the world, in fact the raptor is not as great as what is reported in the media. raptors are so weak in front of Russian technology,.. will the US Nato dare to repay him who has been humiliated in front of the world's nose and eyes, if you don't dare to reply, it means that US Nato is just a bunch of cowards who only dare to deal with weak countries, and even then they have to be beaten up.. oh yes, me forgetting that the US and Vietnam only had their soldiers cry from the trauma of giving up and losing. And to restore his mentality, to cover up his embarrassment, a Rambo series was created. ha ha

  6. Let me understand this. Let's breakdown the facts:

    The US drone was gathering "intelligence", West of Crimea.

    A few things:

    1) We all know that "intelligence" is a diplomatic word for spying. Whom was it spying on?
    2) Fair enough, you are in international waters but you have a high tech drone that can gather damaging intel in a time of war. I'm not picking sides here, but is disrupting the gathering of that intel not the logical thing to do?

    Let's not sugar coat this, look at the map, sensibly, who was this drone gathering intel on?
    Can't be Maldova, can't be Romainia (it just took off from there), can't be Ukraine (they are an ally), who does that leave?

    Why is it shocking that the drone that was gathering adverse intel on a country was downed by the country it was gathering intel on? That's really puzzling!

  7. If so then why US shot down ballons? US dont fool around your country is going down to distract your people you are trying all these, US before focus your economy its drowning rather than focus on other and dont poke your nose,world will be a better place to live without your atrocities.Dont forget majority of world population is against you,better dont fool around 😂😂😂😅😅😅

  8. all the South Indians are blacks and downwards they are down to Sourav Ganguly and us they are slaves of us in previous times they were our slaves they should come to kolkata and work under us and Mamata their life will be changed forever they will achieve freedom when they come under us


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