What Are The Top Highest Paying Jobs in Tech for 2023

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What Are The Top Highest Paying Jobs in Tech for 2023Hi friends in todays video I am going through what are some of the highest paying and in-demand jobs in tech for 2023. I am sure like many of you, seeing the recent news of a lot of tech layoffs, makes working in tech an interesting time right now. I initially did this research on the top in-demand and highest paying jobs for my own benefits. -wanting to know if my career was in the right path! I wanted to share this insight with you as to provide details into what areas in tech are being focused on and in-demand. There are tons of other areas that are in-demand that aren’t mentioned in this video of course, so you don’t need to go changing your entire career! This is to provide a detailed overview and better educate ourselves on where tech is headed. I hope you enjoy it!

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I am currently a software developer who once modeled and thought I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. While I was modeling in Hong Kong, I eventually felt the desire to further my education. I decided to depart the modeling world and move back to Canada, knowing that could be the end of my modeling opportunities. I attended Ryerson University for GCM (Graphic Communications Management), as I thought I might still work in the fashion industry in another capacity. It was in my last year of university, I was introduced to a very basic coding course. I instantly fell in love. From there I knew I wanted to pursue software development but didn’t have a clue where to start. I didn’t want to go back to university as I just completed a four-year degree. I decided to enroll in a 10-week intensive coding Bootcamp. From there I started working at a small startup learning and growing my technical and soft skills. I then transitioned to a larger company where I am a software developer and technical consultant today.

Top Highest Paying Jobs in Tech for 2023

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  1. As a chemical engineer in Bosnia I earn per month 600 euros, so …..I won't say no more then I am trying to learn coding…at age 42 it is tough,cuz I have chronic insomnia which tears my body and my brain…with 600 euros even in Bosnia it's hard to live but that is eastern Europe capitalism…

  2. Hi Ms I love software development I want to be expert in software engineering . But I'm learning web app ( iOS and Android) this is my basic but I want to go into deep but my main work is RPA developer as normal human being I want to maintain both and work under both is that possible can I focus on both?

  3. So I changed careers few years back, full stack junior ml and data. Also completing my undergrad in BSc physic maths, pushing years Masters. I have some anxiety about age in the, although I'm almost 4 years in. How does age affect jobs of future for emloyement opportunities. Ps I'm 2 year in watching our streams

  4. Hi Tiff, what are the resources or studies on you are basing all the information you are promoting, because you know how hard is the way to become hireable. Time money, energy, dreams we all put on this. And we all know are tones of hours. And also we all know there are millions of people looking for a real opportunity to make a life and you look professional and very convencing to do all this. And could be very frustrating if this is a fake dream

  5. May I ask you please, I want to get in tech fields & shift my career .. I thought I should start with front end web developer .. as it’s kind of fun & you can show your work since I have no experience to provide .. and then maybe later explore other tech fields .. what do you think ? Is it a right move to start studying and focusing on front end web developer as a start ?

  6. Hey. Great video and well detailed! I'm curious about your thoughts of the Cloud, you said you were considering specialising in it? What's making you hestitate? (If it's too personal nvm this comment). I'm finishing a bachelor in SE this year, and just finished a course of Cloud Computing, which I'm now very interested in, although hesitating.

  7. Am still a young man(40 years younger) starting a career in tech. Am about to finish my programming courses and jump right into Cyber Security Engineering. Around February, I will be in web development and software development. Around June-July I will be a half package ie: Cyber Security Engineer and Developer and a bigger Tech Company. Thanks, Tiff.

  8. Hi ,Tiff , I'm from India. Your videos are truly informative in all sense. Without confusing your viewer you highlight the most important and required information for those who just started their career in Tech industry or about to switch their career. I always egarly await for your video.
    I have started learning Web Development. Is it worth learning for in 2023 ?

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